Political Environment blogger James Rowen says that Scott Walker's job pledge is biting him again. Kimberly-Clark's decision to jettison some 600 workers and others firms' decisions like it are more examples of why the governor hasn't been able to meet his promise to create 250,000 jobs in his first term, even now when another four-year term is nearing a close.

Fond du Lac Republican state Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, however, insists Wisconsin is standing strong. In a piece that appears on WisOpinion, the rep says he was reflecting back to when he first came to the Assembly while Scott Walker was delivering his State of the State Address. Everything is better today, he claims.

Walker's State of the State didn't strike Milwaukee Democratic state Rep. Leon Young that way, though. In a piece for the Milwaukee Courier, Young says that Walker has suddenly found religion, coming up with plans that Democrats have been trying to pass for years. He believes of it, however, is flim-flam.

"The world according to Paul Ryan," writes Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy in his regular column. Murphy cites Ryan's now infamous $1.50 tweet that had the pundits chattering over the weekend. He's wondering if the Wisconsin congressman and speaker of the House has learned a lesson from it.

Just as Donald Trump appears to have things swinging his way he goes and shoots himself in the foot again, complains Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska. He may be helping America to be great again, but he's also helping America be stupid again, he adds.

Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson is happy to report that state Sen. Leah Vukmir has signed the Taxpayers Protection Pledge in which she promises not to vote for any tax increase while in office. Her opponent for the GOP nomination for U.S. senator, Kevin Nicholson, has also signed the pledge.