It is well past time for allowing the country to be held hostage by a right-wing fringe that believes there is an unfettered right to bear weapons, says the Beloit Daily News. Yes, there's a Second Amendment right for Americans to keep and bear arms, but even the Supreme Court has declared that it is not an absolute right that can have no restrictions. The vast majority of Americans want some limits and safeguards, the paper says, and it's time for politicians to stop kneeling to a minority special interest.

We won World War II with soldiers having less firepower than the last two perpetrators of mass killings in America, says Ed Heinzelman on  Blogging Blue. Why do civilians need these kind of weapons? he asks, and answers, "They don't."

While deploring the secrecy behind the Foxconn deal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial page editor David Haynes says that the ability of the WEDC directors to gain access to the proposed contract actually brought some improvements. But we must not overlook the outrageous secrecy that tainted the use of public money for this project.

Speaking of secrecy, state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout says she's never seen it so rampant as it has been the state Senate this year. The only interest is speed, she writes in a piece posted on Cognitive Dissidence. In turn, that means everything is done without transparency.

The Racine Journal Times admonishes the state Senate not to go along with the Assembly in eliminating the age requirement for hunting in Wisconsin. This would roll back the advances the state has made in hunter safety, the paper argues, adding that changes in the current law are not necessary.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen thanks Paul Ryan for helping organize the Democrats. He points to Ryan's comments on a talk show earlier this week after Tuesday's elections in which the House speaker says the GOP congressional members are not divided -- they're aligned with Donald Trump. Thanks, Rowen says, he's all yours.

No matter how you look at the Madison Diocese's Bishop Morlino's approved memo on gay and lesbian funerals in the church, it's insulting, writes columnist Bill Wineke on Channel 3000. Just insinuating that there's such a thing as a "gay lifestyle" implies that there's something nefarious about their lives, he says.