State Debate: Save the surplus, Journal Sentinel urges the governor

2013-03-05T09:00:00Z State Debate: Save the surplus, Journal Sentinel urges the governor
March 05, 2013 9:00 am

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorializes today that Gov. Walker should save his little tax cut and either add it to the state's surplus or use it for something in need, like aid to local governments. The cut is too small to do anything for the economy, the paper adds. 

For a politician from a city of 10,000 with a black population of 0.9 percent, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has gall to tell Milwaukee — 600,000 population — how to run its business, blogger James Rowen notes today. Perhaps Vos and the rest of the politicians from Milwaukee's rich suburbs could do some research, he adds.

The Beloit Daily News, whose home city is hoping to land an Indian casino, is hopping mad at Scott Walker for his stand that no new casino could be built in the state unless all of the other 11 tribes with casinos agree. The newspaper, which normally supports most of Walker's initiatives, wonders why the governor is taking this stand.

On WisOpinion, columnist Bill Kaplan compares today's Republican members of Congress with those in earlier years, noting that unlike today they bargained to reach budget agreements with both revenue and spending cuts. Now, the GOP, exemplified by Wisconsin's Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson, refuse to yield. The result is a sequester dictated by a minority.

In a column for the Milwaukee Courier, state Rep. Leon Young notes the impact Gov. Scott Walker's proposed repeal of the state's local residency laws will have on the state's biggest city. He notes the police and fire unions' previous endorsement of Walker and says "you can decide" whether this a political payback.

The Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, citing an investigative story by the Gannett newspapers in the state, urges the state to make improvements in how it checks ambulances. The paper notes that there is only one state worker assigned to make safety checks.

Citing the latest remarks by the Democratic Party's loose cannon, Graeme Zielinski, blogger David Blaska asks where is Art Linkletter when we need him? Liberals say the darndest things, Blaska notes. Blogger Chris Walker chimes in that unless the Democrats make meaningful changes at the state level, the party will struggle to stay relevant. But blogger Chris Liebenthal sees a double standard with the Zielinski squabble and notes several examples of where right-wingers, including the governor, made absurd, over-the-top comparisons. Zielinski should have compared Walker's legal team to gangster John Gotti's instead, Liebenthal says. And blogger Jeff Simpson joins in with some comparisons of his own. Democrats let the right-wing loud-mouths decide Zielinski's fate, he says.

BloggingBlue's Ed Heinzelman today calls on readers to launch a letter-writing campaign to the president telling him that Social Security is not on the table for budget cuts. The blogger's disturbed that President Obama has signaled that he's willing to negotiate.

The La Crosse Tribune's editor Chris Hardie weighs in today on the proposed change to the state's open records law, arguing that a proposal to allow governmental bodies to charge extra for redacting information from records is so open ended that it will play havoc with the state's tradition of open government.

And blogger Dave Cieslewicz finds he offended the nation's button makers when he said if button makers had a magazine they'd name Madison No. 1. Turns out the button makers do have a magazine and they let the former mayor know about it.

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  1. bookman21
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    bookman21 - March 08, 2013 10:02 pm
    The surplus exists only in Walker's dementia.
  2. gkmoynihan
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    gkmoynihan - March 05, 2013 6:33 pm
    Wait...I thought the CapTimes told us there wasn't a budget surplus...
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