Kathy Griffin couldn’t attend this week’s Westminster Dog Show in New York. She had to attend to a litter of puppies at her town of Eagle Point home.

So she watched streaming video on the Internet on Tuesday as the Newfoundland dog she co-owns with Peggy Helming won “Best of Breed” honors at the world’s most prestigious dog show.

Wayne Griffin couldn’t watch the win by the dog with the formal name of “GCH Pouch Cove’s Seabrook Enough Said,” but known around the Griffin household as “Jordan.”

“I was out on calls,” said Dr. Wayne Griffin, a veterinarian with the Chippewa Veterinary Clinic at 14961 81st. Ave., Chippewa Falls.

“Jordan” failed to win the working dog’s division, but capturing any title at Westminster is huge accomplishment within the dog world.

“For over 30 years, we’ve been raising and showing Newfoundlands,” Wayne Griffin said. “they are just a really neat breed.”

And “Jordan” fits that bill.

“The puppy was born at our place and (Kathy Griffin) was able to tell this was going to be a good one,” Wayne Griffin said.

“Jordan” was born Dec. 3, 2009, and her sire was CH Seabrook’s Best Man at Pouch Cover and her dam was Pouch Cove Engages the Spirit.

In 2013, “Jordan” won the Newfoundland National Specialty Show. “She was picked the top Newfoundland in the country last year,” Wayne Griffin said. So she was a natural to enter in Westminster.

After the show, “Jordan” is remaining with her dog handler and will be shown in more shows.

A dog’s show career usually lasts only a few years, and Wayne Griffin said “Jordan” will probably be shown for another year or so.

When she returns home she will resume her role as being one of the family’s dogs.

“She lives at home and fortunately we have a have a place out in the country. She loves nothing better than to find a dead deer carcass and roll in it,” Wayne Griffin said.

An award-winning and one of the nation’s top dogs, yes. But a dog above all else.