While two states have implemented policies that fully legalize marijuana and a Wisconsin lawmaker recently introduced legislation to decriminalize the drug here, Gov. Scott Walker this week voiced support for the adage that marijuana use is a dangerous “gateway” to riskier substances, such as heroin and methamphetamine.

After addressing a number of drug-related issues at a meeting of the Badger State Sheriffs Association at the Madison Concourse Hotel on Tuesday, Walker told reporters sheriffs he had spoken with urged him to not support any policy that would “open up the door to marijuana use legally in the state of Wisconsin.”

“They said when they talked about heroin and meth and other issues that they were still very concerned that (marijuana) was a gateway drug,” he said.

He further rejected comparisons between pot and booze, suggesting that people can enjoy themselves responsibly over beers in a way that they can’t by sharing a joint.

“If I’m at a wedding reception here and somebody has a drink or two, most people wouldn’t say they’re wasted,” he said. “Most folks with marijuana wouldn’t be sitting around a wedding reception smoking marijuana.”

“Now there are people who abuse (alcohol), no doubt about it, but I think it’s a big jump between someone having a beer and smoking marijuana,” he added.

Walker’s words reflect the conventional wisdom that has guided federal and state drug policy ever since Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs more than 40 years ago. Recent polls, however, indicate that the public is increasingly skeptical of claims that marijuana is a significant threat to public safety, and even President Barack Obama recently said that he did not believe pot was more dangerous than alcohol.

Richard Brown, a UW-Madison medical professor who specializes in substance abuse, does not believe that pot-smoking is more dangerous than drinking and says the theory that weed is a “gateway” to more perilous poison has been discredited.

However, Brown agrees that marijuana should remain illegal. Simply put, he believes legalizing the substance would increase usage, amplifying issues of abuse and addiction.

So why not ban alcohol?

“We know that prohibition did not work and cannot work because of the way our culture has developed (around alcohol),” he said.

Jack Craver is the Capital Times political reporter, focusing on elections, candidates and campaign finance.

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Dawn Czekala
Dawn Czekala

how about going after the real gateway which is the use of pharmaceuticals that are filling people's medicine cabinets


Such ignorance and hypocrisy. Scott Walker should take a look at my wife who drinks herself into a wobbling stupor every night with wine, whereas it is never discernible that I have smoked marijuana, regardless of the quantity or potency of it.


Who is the Wisconsin lawmaker who recently introduced legislation to decriminalize marijuana?
I'm no fan of Richard Nixon OR Barack Obama! Ron Paul is my President!
We need individual liberty over Scotty Walker's corporatized liberty where state/corporate tyranny always rules. Remove the smoking ban of 2010 and let individuals/mom-pop businesses decide what is best! People need places to go to unwind from the rigors of this life away from the stupidity of state control. Two examples: Ottery in Randolph where they used to play cards in a traditionally smoke filled bar or late Ed Thompson's Tee-Pee in Tomah. What they want in their own businesses should be between them and their patrons. Keep the state/State OUT! If there is any regulations, maybe an ethical/kid rating system of bars and restaurants. Like health dept rating in other states...ABC A being totally kid friendly. C: Adult


What's the difference Scotty boy? What a dumb ass Scott Walker is!!!!


Scott Walker has never been to a really fun wedding.


I believe there is a relationship with keeping marijuana illegal and the push for privitization of the state prison system. Keeping this widely used substance illegal keeps prison beds full. Watch this space, and follow the money...


the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

marijuana is California’s #1 crop, yet it’s illegal in the backwards USA

from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, cali runs this planet by 2 decades, time to tie marijuana to the 2014, and 2016 elections

20 years behind us southern states and Wyoming, sad and scary....nobody
denies freedoms like the south, nobody...even if marijuana reforms did pass the
republiCANTS in charge would deny you all your freedoms, centuries of
practice...no matter though, we never planned on getting your backwards
brethren from day one, half the country already but not one southern state, lol...

love and freedom forever, 0 deaths by marijuana, infinite deaths by alcohol, moron politicians



This, coming from a guy that can't properly hold a fishing rod.


How sad that Walker puts his stamp of approval on alcohol, which is one of the most physically and mentally damaging drugs on the market, though that has been made legal! Alcohol destroys every organ in the body, including the brain, the liver, and the heart, besides ruining marriages, is implicated in most of the fatal, and even minor, car accidents, involved in much crime, including murders, ruins many families, parenting obligations, and other relationships, besides being extremely addictive, and has made a drunken statistic of our state, which almost wins first place in that area. A person who will become a lazy bum on marijuana will also become a lazy bum on alcohol. Marijuana, however, is much kinder to the human body. Legalizing marijuana will cause different, but fewer problems than did legalizing alcohol, which happened AFTER governments figured out a way to make money on it, and most home stills were destroyed. Decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana will soon be the norm throughout our country without any problems, though the alcohol devastation will continue to be rampant, as long as the taxes keep flowing in. It's a little more difficult to make money on a weed that grows anywhere, which is the biggest problem for people like Walker!


1. Lots of misunderstanding out there, and lots of fear. 2. Gov Walker has a significantly limited imagination.


...it's sad Walker is choosing to support murderous drug cartels and gangs by keeping this a black market in Wisconsin. As we speak, organized crime is transporting tons of marijuana from places like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, and Canada. The marijuana is legally grown, legally taxed, and illegally shipped to Wisconsin where it is sold without generating any tax revenue. This black market increases the value significantly. For example, a small amount of Marijuana in Wisconsin is valued at $50, while the same amount is only worth $20 in a place like Colorado.

It's simple math in a bad economy. Come to think of it, Walker does actually support job creation: his attitude towards marijuana will ensure tens of thousands of illegal jobs in our State for years to come....which will leads to hundreds of thousands being incarcerated and forced into the criminal justice system...which leads to criminal justice jobs....


Gov, what an idiot...Marijuana does not lead to heroin and meth. Maybe you should try it...I can't believe such an educated person would say such a thing (hehe--educated--right!!!). Maybe your kids might be able to even give you insight. You don't have a clue.
Oh but ok, to let kids into winery tours---- I don't have a problem with that--Grow up gov and become aware of your surroundings and THE PEOPLE YOU AR SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT. Also get knowledge on what you talk about!!!! Quite being sooooo stupid and embarrassing...


Let's legalize it already! I've been long waiting for my dentist, surgeon and taxi driver to be stoned. We should embrace Otto the stoned school bus driver. The best drivers on the roads are those that are going 15mph under the limit and don't realize when the light turns green. I'm tired of ambulance drivers being unimpaired. We need to get everyone smoking dope so the don't smoke cigarettes! Cigarette smoke is disgusting and bad.
I used to smoke dope, but then I grew up and got a job.


That's just you not being able to handle it. Who's to say these people you mention aren't drunk or on any other drugs? Who's to say they aren't ALREADY stoned? Not like because it's illegal they can't use it. Moron.


I wish all of the creative writers here would focus their energy on solving the real problems with legalizing recreational use of MJ. All of this whining about Walker is demeaning to the argument for legalization. It distracts from the issue. BTW, if this was only a one sided political argument, why didn't the Dems pass a legalization bill when they controlled for legislature and the governors office for 2 years? There is more to both sides of the argument that needs to be talked about and this current thread of crap doesn't get us closer.

Bucky 01... brings up a huge issue: there is no easily administered tests that can determine levels of toxicity and impairment. Until there is, this will likely be a dead issue. Most of the objections to legalization center on this. It might be because we are in a state that has the highest incidence of DUI's. What sane person would suggest that we add another drug to the list of legal drugs to drive under the influence of, without a test?

Another is about my right as a non smoker (a former smoker actually) to not be subjected to your smoke. Your right to smoke can not come at the expense of my right to not smoke. Kind of like cigarettes. Simple math actually, more non smokers than smokers. Figure out a policy that protects my rights and gives you yours, and you have my vote.

Denying the negative impacts of smoking MJ is a poor strategy. Many of these impacts are in the realm of personal choice and are non of my business. I really don't care if you loose your motivation, loose a job, gain weight and talk stupid. But a few impacts are society's business like driving or working under the influence.

Since the brain isn't fully developed until the early 20's when is a good time for adults to legally choose? BTW, the more credible "gateway" studies correlate adolescent drug use (alcohol and nicotine included) with adult addiction rates. It isn't causal as some of you are saying, but it is positively correlated enough to be important.

You guys can argue about the science and the politics all you want. That hasn't worked for 30 years. Nobody is listening anymore. Use your bran power to Solve the problems.


Billie - Actually in most places where Marijuana is legal and smoking in public places isn't, they have marijuana cafes (like cigar bars are here) and the same anti-smoking standards as there are for cigarettes. Just because marijuana is legalized doesn't mean that you can smoke in restaurants, bars, or in your private home -- you'll still not be subjected to it if you don't want to be, and I don't know why you'd think the law would make that aspect any different -- that's just silly. Do you think that the legalization of marijuana (just like the way cigarettes are still legal) would suddenly mean that people would come into your house and blow smoke in your face? I mean, I'm allergic to cigarette smoke (and a tiny bit reactive to all smoke), so it's a big deal to me, but I still think it's stupid for marijuana to be illegal when alcohol isn't. Our laws are so inconsistent and ridiculous. We just need to apply them consistently and none of us will have problems.


SheRA. "suddenly mean that people would come into your house and blow smoke in your face?

Of course not. I'm speaking about the 50 % of Madison that live in apartments, who seem to believe that they have the same rights as any property owner to do what they want in ther apartment without considering the impact on the other residents. I saw nothing in the Washington/Colorado laws that addressed this particular aspect.


You said, "All of this whining about Walker is demeaning to the argument for legalization."

Uh, it's 2014. People can mail order things from the web like Salvia, LSD, and veterinarian pharmaceuticals...ever hear of a "pill mill"? It's when a doctor writes scripts for things like Adderall, Vicadin, and oxycontin to people not needing it....there is no argument for a plant like marijuana to be illegal while these more dangerous drugsare available at the click of a mouse. No argument needed---just a case of bad political representation.


SO this applies equally to Doyle and the Dems when they controlled the state?


....no, it does not apply equally, because dozens of states hadn't legalized it or decriminalized it when Doyle was governor. Legalization snow-balled in 2012, and Obama said he won't use the Feds to enforce federal laws in these states. When Doyle was Governor, Bush was the President for the majority of Doyle's term. Bush had Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong imprisoned for over a year for selling bongs online. There were no drugs in the bongs, by the way. Bush enacted "Operation No Panic", which sent undercover agents to music festivals and shows to arrest people consuming marijuana. That is the past. We live in the present, and Walker is out of touch with his constituents.

Iowa Mom
Iowa Mom

A High School diploma is a gateway to a College degree. Walker didn't fall into that trap.


Good one Mom.


S54k...If anything, legalizing marijuana will decrease the use of other illegal substances

Telling yourself this does not make it true.


...honestly, this is getting sickening- week after week, this guy screws up to the point where sex offenders are paraded at the State of the State speech, his staff is found guilty of fraud, and funds from Veterans are stolen from his staff. This isn't including the incident he lied about in La Crosse with a mob of protesters rocking his car, stretched and skewed job numbers (to the point where lies rank Wisconsin in the top 10 nationally in job growth consistently.....yeeeah, right), and the fact that this guy and the Fitzgerald's secretly met and devised an attack on teachers unions.

Before Act 10, Wisconsin was the most UNITED it had been in over a decade: the Packers had just won the Super Bowl, and politics was secondary. Then this guy introduces the Act 10 secret plan, and harshly divides neighbors across the State. If the United States is seeking a new Civil War, this is the guy to elect President. He has a track record of cheating in elections, going back to Marquette University and having his campaign staff throw away student newspapers favoring his opponent. This is why he left.....it was cheating in the classroom, it was cheating in politics.

And now this guy says marijuana is the gateway drug? Really? With that logic, cigarettes are the real gateway drug. They are the real drug first illegally introduced to kids around the age of 12 if you're low-income. This guy wants to keep prisons stocked and fuel those industries.....think about it once. Kids underage drinking and smoking weed get popped when they are experimenting by the police, receive a permanent strike on their record, and are now doomed to a lower-class life. Unless if you are from a middle-class family, and can fight the ticket. Want to really talk about drugs? Let's talk about how Neo-conservatives, led by Cheney and Bush, destabilized Afghanistan with the longest occupation in United States history and transferred control of Heroin cultivation from the Taliban to Eastern European gangsters. Let's talk about that, and how it flooded the USA with cheap heroin and now we have a heroin epidemic. This is all do to bad policy, enacted by bad leaders.

Scott Walker is a dirty diaper, and it's time to change the diaper. 2010 was a chance for Koch Industries and ALEC to prove they can elect a sensible Tea Party Governor- and they failed. The State of Wisconsin has never been this divided in recent history, and it's truly sad. Can't we just go back to right before Act 10 was dropped....you know, when the Packers had just won the Super Bowl and there weren't concealed carry road rage shoot outs in Suburban Milwaukee?


*correction* meant to type: "...it wasn't cheating in the classroom, it was cheating in politics."



I don't know about changing diapers but it surely is time for the state to change our Governor. But we cannot just talk about it. We have to make it a point to go vote on November 4th, and take 10 like minded people with us.

The Wisconsin before Governor Walker divided it was a peaceful state, where people got along well. Sure, there were political differences between the two parties, but a lot of state business got done on a bi-partisan basis.

Look at the state now. The Governor has divided our state like it could not be even imagined before. I mean think about it.

The state has gone backwards in the last three years. It will keep going backwards if the Governor is re-elected. The people of our state must united and elect a new Governor in November so that the healing process can start and the state can start moving forward again.


Yeah, but the rumor going around is the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, as well as the Republican Party, have become corrupted by, let's just say, outside forces. Want proof? Think about this:

There will be no Democratic Primary for Governor. The candidate has already been chosen, and she's super rich.
Wisconsin's Progressive tradition ushered in the USA's first open primaries, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is now against this idea.

Think about that, and think about how leadership in both political parties is groomed at mostly Madison and Marquette, and how certain agencies and groups recruit these people for careers in parties and outside of parties. I was recruited when I was in college, and I didn't think it was ethical. These characters don't have time for people in the dirt because they are hob-nobbin' for millions from the rich folk, which fuels propaganda which manipulates minds and divides populations. The goal is to have elections as closely divided as possible, not to have a clear victory.....ever think about that?

One more thing to think about: how is it even remotely possible someone like Walker has a 50% approval rating without the assistance of the other party?

spooky tooth

Marijuana was legal until 1937. Some people believe it was made illegal based on scientific evidence and they would be wrong. The debate at the time was marijuana was used mostly by Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. That marijuana was addictive and produced insanity, criminality and death. Refer makes darkies think they're as good as white men. Marijuana leads to communist brainwashing. You smoke a joint and you're likely to kill your brother. Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.

Go to YouTube and watch refer madness, it's still the same crap ignorant, racists people use today.

No one has ever over-dosed from marijuana.
No one has ever died because they smoked marijuana.
750,000 people are arrested every year for simple possession. Mostly non whites.
Most marijuana users never use any other illicit drugs.
Marijuana can be good for mental heath.
Marijuana has been proven to help in a variety of medical conditions.
Marijuana does not cause long-term cognitive impairment in adult users.

When you lump marijuana, heroin, cocaine and meth like they're the same, any fool can say one leads to the other.

Why not say apples, heroin, cocaine and meth? Eating apples leads to heroin.

About 490,000 premature deaths due to cigarettes every year and it cost the US about 92 billion every year, its legal.

About 100,000 deaths every year do to alcohol, its legal.

Scott Walker, just stick to being a puppet for the Koch brothers. I'll give you a break here, you must have been absent the day they taught science.


...now those facts aren't completely true about marijuana not being dangerous:

I knew a fella who had a bale of the stuff fall on him in his barn, it messed his back up pretty bad.


Spooky tooth.....
Why only one sided facts? like...
today's MJ is 10 times stronger than the 1960's, closer to 12 times stronger than the 1930's version. its not the same drug as it was. So all of that refer madness is crap. But saying that there are not real impacts of MJ use on brain development and function tells me that you haven't read anything based on current research either.

spooky tooth

Billie, I think we've been through this before, the strength doesn't matter. You can't over-dose on pot. Okay, it's 10 X stronger, you smoke 10 X less and get the same effect. You sound very concerned, please look up the facts and ease your mind.

Look at all the lives that are lost because of a marijuana drug conviction. These people can't get a job that a bank robber with a weapon can.


Strength does matter. The issue is impairment not overdose. Yes I would smoke less because its stronger because I smoked in the 70's, but people smoking today's pot, do not know about that. In fact, science has barely caught up with research on the more potent strains. Its not the same drug. We really don't know the impacts on the brain.

I've got a MJ conviction, 30+ years ago. It didn't change my life at all. Probation was inconvenient but not too hard. Few Peoples lives have been ruined solely because of a pot possession conviction. There is usually more to it. Choosing jail over probation for example. Or committing some other crime while high.

I've done enough reading on this in the last 2 months for a Masters thesis. And having done that in the 80's I can say there are some very real concerns to address. I advocate legalization. (coke and heroin too) However, those that do not acknowledge or know the negative effects of use aren't telling or do not know the whole picture either, do they?

Read articles from California regarding their medical MJ experience....the jury is still out. This isn't a slam dunk. Legalization of recreational use is too new to know the full impact of it. Proceeding with caution is a wise choice.

Stuck In The Middle With You

A well known and documented fact is that if you are a Republican and closely associated with the supposedly naive Scott Walker it is a gateway to felonious activity.

Bella La Befana

Normally I would say there is likely a money trail that influences Scott Walker's response to - well - almost any subject.

This time, though, it's sheer politics. Apparently the Dems are going to be using the marijuana issue to get the non-Republicans to turn out for the elections.


Unfortunately this is exactly how I though Governor Walker would respond. The real "gateway" drug Walker and the other refer madness adherents should be worried about are found in many drug cabinets and are prescribed by the family doctor, they are pain killers like Oxycontin and Vicodin. These drugs are commonly abused and are highly addictive and are often cited as the real gateway drug to opiates like heroin.
Even law makers in Georgia and Alabama are considering passing laws to permit medical MJ, but Governor Walker's thinking remains firmly planted in the 1950's, or could it be that ALEC hasn't told him how to act on this one?


And when the social experiments in Colorado and Washington prove him wrong, the response will naturally be a rejection, once again, of science. One would think the tax revenue being generated might attract interest in a state where the roads are cracking and buckling and bridges are crumbling, not to mention all the other problems we have. But no, throw the sheeple a hundred bucks in a "tax reduction" and regurgitate tired policy and expect us all to fall in line. Not me, not most people I know, and it's time for a revolt.


So is this guy running for biggest idiot in the country? He'll get my vote for sure! I think he is winning!. Even the stupidest people in country can learn enough by Googling to refute his Reefer Madness mentality. How many people could possibly be stupid enough to give an opinion that is so wrong in a public forum and showing they have done zero research. Haha what a jerk!

Winston Smith

First off, how does Scott Walker know what it's like to be intoxicated by cannabis? Is there something in his past that he's not telling us about, or is he speaking about a subject of which he knows nothing?

Ask the UW police which drug causes more problems, cannabis or alcohol? At the parents orientation, when one parent asked what they were doing to combat cannabis use, they said that at they weren't worried about cannabis as it didn't cause the amount of problems that alcohol did. Enough with the 40 year old discredited ideas. The biggest problem with cannabis is that it's illegal, that's where the crime comes from, the illegality. I'd much rather see law enforcement taking the cannabis enforcement resources and redirect them towards meth and heroin.

“We know that prohibition did not work and cannot work because of the way our culture has developed (around alcohol),"

The times have changed, our culture has developed once again. Prohibition doesn't work when the "drug" is harmless and the majority don't care about it.

Two big entities against legalization? Pharmacology and brewing/distilling. We know whose pockets they're lining. Miller Coors is already scared because their market share is becoming compromised by local breweries, you think they want any more competition?

Nun uv yurs

Alcohol is much more of a gateway because people do dumb things when they are a drunk. I have never read or listened to a man I despise more.

Last election I was living in a different state and voted for a GOP governor. I am not a flaming liberal or anything like that. Walker is just the pits.


Nun uv yurs,

While I definitely lean to the left, I am an independent thinker, and I think there are a lot of people like you who just don't see ANYTHING in our Governor. The longer he is Governor the more he gets exposed because he has a pathetic record, and no one knows his plans for the state should be win re-election. He does not have any!


How can one man be wrong on everything? How could he have become Governor of Wisconsin? Those so-called Democratic County Board idiots in Milwaukee who opened the door for him should be beaten daily.


How many people have AR-15's killed in the past 365 days in comparison to joints?


And this is a rational comparison? really?


Oh, please. You'll sit there with your hand on your shortcomings enhancer and say people kill people. If a gun all by itself isn't responsible for killing people, how can marijuana all by itself be blamed for societal ills and hence outlawed?


please don't put words in my mouth. In the spirit of the Olympics, lets compare marijuana deaths to snowboarding deaths, to jay walking deaths, bicycle deaths and my favorite, lightning strikes.


So much for the intellectual depth of our Governor. Definitely Republican Presidential Material.


Once again, making boilerplate statements according to special interest groups, instead of engaging in rational discussion.


It is only a gateway drug if the salesman has something else to offer


Scott Walker: Big difference between having a beer and smoking marijuana

Credit where it's due: Scott Walker is absolutely right about this one. Only 1 of those drugs can kill you.

Ego Vigilabo Vigilum
Ego Vigilabo Vigilum


"Scott Walker: Big difference between having a beer and smoking marijuana

"Credit where it's due: Scott Walker is absolutely right about this one. Only 1 of those drugs can kill you."

Beer is a drug?

I best keep an eye peeled for a no-knock search (another 4th Amendment protection that has 'evolved'), my Bucky Badger fridge is filled with drugs.

Does the local Gendarmerie have a K9 unit of Barley Pop sniffing dogs? If they ever come near my place, they'll get an olfactory extravaganza.

Thankfully I was able to put a sizable dent in my stash during the Wisconsin-Minnesota game last night.

Fortunately recycling will remove the spent 'blunts,' empties if you prefer, come monday.


Ego :

Beer is a drug. A drug is defined as a substance that causes addiction, habituation, or a marked change in consciousness. Perhaps your comments were meant in jest but alcoholism is a fact and not something that normally should be joked about.

Your occasional beers during a basketball game can be directly compared to smoking a J during a basketball game in fact. However, many many beers during the game changes a personality into a depressive state while smoking weed changes the personality into a mellow state (can't think of the medical term, sorry).

One state is responsible for wife beating. The other for eating all of the cheetos in the house. Which is worse?


Beer is a drug?

Technically, it's alcohol that's the drug, and beer is only the delivery mechanism.

Compare to nicotine and cigarets.


Gateway drugs, Scotty, are in YOUR medicine and liquor cabinet. PERIOD! You are such a tool for the liquor lobby that you actually buy your BS. November won't get here quick enough.


Here's a simple fact. Assuming one wants a real nice paying job (and that can be a questionable assumption for some), if it comes down to a choice between a person who is an obvious regular recreational user of MJ (and let's be honest its pretty easy to tell even without a test) or someone that isn't, who is going to get the job 999 out of 1000 times (and quite frankly do way better at the job). The answer would not be "the pot head".....

Crow Barr
Crow Barr

Better to hire a drunk driver!

Crow Barr
Crow Barr

What are Walker's boys doing in their dorm rooms?

Smoking, drinking, or reading the bible under the guidance of Lynne4300?


You're right, an "obvious" pothead probably won't get the job. Neither will an "obvious" alcoholic. Both of those are extreme cases. Probably 98% of the people who smoke weed are completely normal looking people who hold down perfectly good jobs. What's the difference between getting home from work and taking a few hits, instead of cracking a few beers?


keep in mind all of our breweries & piggies in state are buying off those in office. cannabis is much safer than booze.


The funny thing is that you have people killing other people in alcohol related crashes every week, you have all the obvious social problems with alcohol you see if you go downtown on campus or to a University Football game yet he is in denial of the all this when you don't see ANY of these horrible problems with marijuana. This is insanity. Cut-and-dry.


who is the idiot who wrote this?

"Walker’s words reflect the conventional wisdom that has guided federal and state drug policy ever since Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs more than 40 years ago."

wisdom had and has nothing to do with the drug war. keeping people as slaves and what they may or may not do is. my body my choice. you can not OD from use. It is one of the least toxic plants ever.

DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young, who detailed exactly how much cannabis you'd have to inhale (and how fast) to suffer death by cannabis in a 1988 ruling:

Drugs used in medicine are routinely given what is called an LD-50 rating [which] indicates at what dosage 50% of test animals receiving a drug will die as a result of drug induced toxicity. A number of researchers have attempted to determine cannabis's LD-50 rating in test animals, without success. Simply stated, researchers have been unable to give animals enough cannabis to induce death. At present it is estimated that cannabis's LD-50 is around 1:20,000 or 1:40,000. In layman terms this means that in order to induce death a cannabis smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much cannabis as is contained in one cannabis joint. NIDA-supplied cannabis joint weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of cannabis within about 15 minutes to induce a lethal response. And even then you would die from carbon monoxide long before you would cannabis.

cannabis is not addictive and no withdrawl - http://clear-uk.org/leading-scientists-confirm-that-cannabis-is-safe-and-non-addictive/

If you want science based facts on cannabis i can provide.


who is the idiot who wrote this?

"Walker’s words reflect the conventional wisdom ..."

Before you go throwing around words like "idiot", please google the entire phrase "conventional wisdom". It doesn't mean what you think it does.

In Medias Res

Neologisms are fun. Now that we have been introduced to Proglibocrat, which I am assuming means Progressive Liberal Democrat, someone must come up with a neologism for the opposite. Might I suggest Regconlican, for Regressive Conservative Republican? Not so bad for a first attempt, but I am hoping that some Proglibocrat out there can do better.

Ego Vigilabo Vigilum
Ego Vigilabo Vigilum

In Medias Res;

"Neologisms are fun."

Well yeah; until someone puts out an eye.

"Might I suggest Regconlican, for Regressive Conservative Republican?"

That day job of yours, you any good at it?

"Not so bad for a first attempt,"

Might I suggest a second opinion?


Every politician knows that marijuana isn't that bad, at least no worse than alcohol or caffeine. But the money going into their pockets has a little note attached that says "marijuana is bad, don't legalize it." A better headline for this article is Scott Walker big dummy in regards to marijuana.

honest opinion

I mean, it's all politics really. Every politician knows that marijuana isn't that bad, at least no worse than alcohol or caffeine. But the money going into their pockets has a little note attached that says "marijuana is bad, don't legalize it."
Everybody is different. Some people have addictive personalities and would want more even without ever trying marijuana.
The facts are that alcohol and marijuana aren't bad at all in moderation. Other illegal drugs like meth, heroine and cocaine are.

Jesus Chris

A better headline for this article is Scott Walker big dummy in regards to marijuana.

Alexander Dowding
Alexander Dowding

"He further rejected comparisons between pot and booze, suggesting that people can enjoy themselves responsibly over beers in a way that they can’t by sharing a joint."

Making BS statements like that this guy has just lost all and any credibility and respect in my eyes.


He did that for me on"day one"!


The breaking news is that Scott Walker used marijuana but HE DIDN'T INHALE!
Therefore, he holds the high moral ground.
Scott was also reported as saying: "My wife, Mary Jane, has never inhaled, either." He was slow to add, "Is that her name? I forgot."
Based on his drowsy appearance, many habitual marijuana users are skeptical. Impartial observers agree that marijuana use is the least of Governor Walker's problems.
Knowledgeable insiders, who spoke on the condition of not being named (because I can't spell anonymity), say that his major addiction is to Koch.
Walker is scheduled to enter rehab as soon as he is defeated in the coming election by Elmer Fudd.


Even the DEA doesn't believe in the Gateway Myth anymore:

Marijuana as a ``Gateway Drug''

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that the widely held
belief that marijuana is a ``gateway drug,'' leading to subsequent
abuse of other illicit drugs, lacks conclusive evidence (Institute
of Medicine, 1999). Recently, Fergusson et al. (2005) in a 25-year
study of 1,256 New Zealand children concluded that use of marijuana
correlates to an increased risk of abuse of other drugs, including
cocaine and heroin. Other sources, however, do not support a direct
causal relationship between regular marijuana and other illicit drug
use. In general, such studies are selective in recruiting
individuals who, in addition to having extensive histories of
marijuana use, are influenced by myriad social, biological, and
economic factors that contribute to extensive drug abuse (Hall and
Lynskey, 2005). For most studies that test the hypothesis that
marijuana causes abuse of harder drugs, the determinative measure of
choice is any drug use, rather than DSM-IV-TR criteria for drug
abuse or dependence (DSM-IV-TR, 2000).
According to Golub & Johnson (2001), the rate of progression to
hard drug use by youth born in the 1970's, as opposed to youth born
between World War II and the 1960's, is significantly decreased,
although overall marijuana use among youth appears to be increasing.
Nace et al. (1975) reported that even in the Vietnam-era soldiers
who extensively abused marijuana and heroin, there was a lack of
correlation of a causal relationship demonstrating marijuana use
leading to heroin addiction. A recent longitudinal study of 708
adolescents demonstrated that early onset marijuana use did not lead
to problematic drug use (Kandel and Chen, 2000). Similarly, among
2,446 adolescents followed longitudinally, cannabis dependence was
uncommon but when it did occur, it was predicted primarily by
parental death, deprived socio-economic status, and baseline use of
illicit drugs other than marijuana (von Sydow et al., 2002).

Department of Justice
Drug Enforcement Administration
21 CFR Chapter II
Denial of Petition To Initiate Proceedings To Reschedule Marijuana;
Federal Register / Vol. 76 , No. 131 / Friday, July 8, 2011 /
Page 40552



This guy is tarded. You're at a football game. Guy in front of you is yelling, arguing, rowdy, whatever. He's high, or he's drunk? Hmmmm. Bar fight: high or drunk? Kills someone behind the wheel: High or drunk? Beats his wife: High or drunk? I don't think anyone high would want to, nor have the energy to do those things. They just want to chill on their couch and watch a movie. Pot being illegal doesn't stop anybody who wants to use it, so what's the point? You want it, you find it. It's not that hard.

This coming from a guy who signed a bill that you can drink while pedaling a huge bar/bike thing around the city streets where people are walking and driving with their families, then go get in your car and drive to another bar until 2am.

Or go ahead and buy as many cigarettes you want when you're 18. Kill yourself, get cancer, go into the hospital and have your family watch you suffer and die thanks to something that you can just go pick up anywhere, anytime. Litter the butts all over the street, that's cool. Toss them from your car window. Nature will go ahead and clean that up for you. Pretty sure nobody is gonna toss half their joint out the window and waste it, and all other smoking utencils only create ash. Even if they do toss it, it's only natural herb that will go back into nature.

Take a look at any city/state/country that doesn't have these laws, and compare their crime rates related to it to ours. And we are paying for the legal costs of arresting and detaining these people who just want to chill out and not hurt anybody. This country is jacked up, but at least Colorado and Washington are starting to get it. A billion dollars a year towards schools, charities, and the state sounds good to me, I don't know about you guys.


The Badger State Sheriffs Association is never going to support a law that threatens one of their major revenue streams. It's all about the money.


Well, the Sheriffs Association as a whole didn't take a stand. If you read the article carefully, Scott Walker said that the individual sheriffs he talked to favored the ban. Since he used the plural, that could have been 2 of them.

See how this works with the words that come out of Scott Walker's mouth?


so the fact that there are some people who abuse marijuana means it is bad?
but the fact that so many abuse alcohol (and drive) in WI gets a free pass?
“Now there are people who abuse (alcohol), no doubt about it, but I think it’s a big jump between someone having a beer and smoking marijuana,” he added.

Not many people sit around sharing a joint at a wedding reception - because it is illegal. So they may choose to do it in secret. or they may choose to use (and abuse?) alcohol.

marijuana will never be legal in WI - because the alcohol lobby is too powerful.
we can't even get sane drunk driving laws, even with all the obvious problems and dangers we share with all our drunk drivers.
govt serves industry, not people.
and that's too bad.
WI is "open for business", not for citizens.

joe kallas
joe kallas

Marijuana is not legal because the drug and alcohol industries don't want it legal. Period.
Walker's comments simply show how out of touch he is with reality. It is not a "gateway" drug. Usage would probably go down if legalized. Prohibition of marijuana IS similar to when alcohol was illegal. Over 50% of the people support legalization. Yet our so called leaders continue down the same dead end street. Time to switch leaders?


Joe, There you go again with misinformation. " It is not a "gateway" drug. Usage would probably go down if legalized." Please tell the truth.


I've been getting marijuana for over 10 years and have never tried heroin or meth. I've never actually even met a dealer who had either of those.

The only thing pot is a gateway to is pizza delivery.

If pot is a gateway drug then I declare beer to be a gateway drug because I drank beer before I smoked pot, so now I guess I must be a no-good methed up heroin addict. Sure.

Just as prohibition didn't work for alcohol it's not going to work for pot. just as it hasn't for the last 40 years.

You want legal jobs and tax relief? Think of all the property taxes we could cut if it were legal... And the fact that its illegality stops no one and only serves to fatten the pockets of people who already aren't paying income tax.


Abe- I agree with your comments and I'll take it one step further. Not only would there be significant taxes generated from legalizing there would also be a huge savings in costs associated with prisons and the war on drugs. Even further, the amount of violent crime especially in/near border towns would drop significantly due to the US growing their own crop rather than illegal importing. And, with more supply prices should drop therefore providing less motivation for illegal suppliers. Possibly the most important reason is the health benefits for cancer patients and several others that can benefit.

Lastly, I am a middle age guy that does not smoke pot. I, similar to Walker, enjoy my 2-3 beers on the weekend but as noted above see more reasons to legalize than to keep it illegal.


We know who you are.
We know where you live.
We are coming.
Thank you, NSA


you make some good points and then add stupid: The only thing pot is a gateway to is pizza delivery.

This reduces any argument for legalization to whining.


Again Walker opens his mouth, and stupid rolls out.


I've been for legalizing marijuana for a little while but I've always thought that there was one major hurdle to legalization; the fact that a quick, easy test does not exist to diagnose people who smoked and got behind the wheel of a car. Obviously alcohol has a breathalyzer, but there exists no such test for weed. Yes, we can detect levels of THC in the bloodstream, but that does not give a timeline for when it was ingested or how high the person was/is at the time of the test. I'm not a chemist, so I have no idea if it is even feasible to create a test like this, but if it is possible this recent wave of legalization might create a push to create such a product. The first person to figure this out will be rolling in $$$...that gives me an idea.........


So, Why not ban alcohol?

Oh right… because that's the adictive drug of choice for older white men.

Walker says, people can enjoy themselves responsibly with alcohol…

Yeah, let's go ask the older white guy with his 8th OWI arrest.

Let's see who is typically stereotyped as using/abusing pot? Hippies? young people? Democrats?

And who is typically stereotyped as using/abusing alcohol? Older white men? Republicans?

Oh, now I see, yes we have to demonize and keep pot illegal, and we can't possibly put any restrictions on alcohol…..

Ego Vigilabo Vigilum
Ego Vigilabo Vigilum


"Oh right… because that's the adictive drug of choice for older white men."

The rare beauty and all-too-often embarrassing pain of the actual Proglibocrat quote, typed with such smug sanctimony and veritably bleating with fevered surety, regardless of it having no earthly relation to any semblance of fact or reality.

Clarity of vision bolstered by great moral certainty. A Proglibocrat talking about cherry-picked sterotypes; too freakin' hypocritically funny!

Anyone from the right pulling stereotypes would be met with morally posturing slack-jawed horror.

Make-it-up-as-we-go-along clamoring from a Brie & Chablis aficianado, or are the Imported Barley Pops your favorite?

That must be why Madison has tried to ban Beer 40's, right? Who drinks most of those? Better not answer that; it may cause your "I'm so nice" gene to mutate.

So, "Older white men? Republicans?" drink the most alcohol?

Not exactly!


“The great tragedy of Science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.” Thomas Huxley


im not disputing your link, but one study hardly makes a fact.


I wonder if whatever Walker is smoking is considered a gateway drug?


The only reason marijuana can be called a gateway drug is because current laws force you to buy it illegally. Buy it from a store that also doesn't sell meth and heroin and your not exposed to meth and heroin. If anything, legalizing marijuana will decrease the use of other illegal substances. Besides that you could claim mother's milk is a gateway drug to everything that happens to a child (good or bad).

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