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Dear Editor: I am opposed to President Obama's proposed executive order that would reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely.

My concern is this: If this proposed executive order exists, then, in my opinion, at any point in the future Obama could very arbitrarily decide the American homeland is in a state of war. Also, he could very arbitrarily decide that any domestic political opposition he wants to suppress are terrorists, and then arbitrarily decide to slightly modify the existing executive order, if this is required, to include domestic terrorists.

In other words, I am concerned that this proposed executive order could be used to take our de facto fascist America much further down the road toward a fascist military/police state.

John P. Stoltenberg Elkhart Lake\ \ Cap Times' coverage of Bucks lacking

Dear Editor: Your paper has a sports section, much like any other would. When I read it though, there's something missing. You extensively cover UW athletics, as well as two of the big three in the Brewers and Packers, but what about the Bucks?

It's embarrassing that when I want to read about new developments with my favorite team, most articles are provided by national writers with the AP. I mean, if a tiny paper like the Racine Journal Times can consistently provide relevant and original info from its own reporters, why can't you?

It would be nice if you at least had a header on your sports page organizing info pertaining to the Bucks. They are turning things around and it'd be nice if you covered them before they became successful again. They're not just Milwaukee's team after all.

Sylvan Zarwell Madison\ \ UW furloughs are short-sighted

Dear Editor: Just wanted to say thanks to Mike Ivey for covering the furlough story and offering his views on the inequities and short-sighted aspects of the plan.

I too am one of those professors who is upset about the ramifications. Not for me per se, but for my staff who receive 100 percent of their salaries from non-state, federal sources via grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Not only will they lose salary for no gain to the state, but there will be a real reduction in productivity with 3 percent fewer work days across our entire institution. The last thing our state needs now is to slow down the economic engine of our recovery.

Collective pain for no financial gain does not make sense, certainly not at a time when the state Legislature had no qualms about giving themselves a 5.6 percent pay raise or continuing to engage in business-as-usual by adding on very significant, ear-marked projects to the state budget.

Keep up the good work. We can't turn this one around, but we can still raise questions about the fiscal wisdom of our politicians, whose earlier mismanagement of the state budget made us so vulnerable to this downturn.

And perhaps one day soon, we can let them know that the term "furlough" may also apply to their foreshortened tenure in office on Election Day.

Christopher Coe Madison\ \ Early vote idea needs to consider security

Dear Editor: John Nichols writes that Wisconsin should be cautious when considering early voting, citing voter participation, and speed and efficiency with which an accurate result is determined. The early voting proposals have the potential of significant erosion of the security of the ballot.

One Government Accountability Board proposal is to "streamline" the current system of advance voting at the clerk's office. This streamlining calls for eliminating protections against ballot box stuffing and ballot switching.

Instead of eliminating security procedures, Wisconsin should close the current procedural loopholes for in-person absentee balloting. There currently are no laws or rules mandating privacy or security for voting at the clerk's office.

Fair Elections Wisconsin has developed several principles for early voting legislation, and they are published at

The most secure ballot is the one you mark by hand, and then a minute later feed into a tabulator.

Paul Malischke Madison

7/07/2009 6:06 am


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