The Republican candidates vying to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl are stumbling over one another to express their determination to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Never mind that the U.S. Supreme Court, led by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, just rejected the silly conservative claim that the measure was unconstitutional. The Republicans who would be senator still want to get rid of the law.

Only one Senate candidate is speaking seriously about moving forward. That’s Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Madison, the only Democrat in the race. On Nov. 6 she will face the winner of the Aug. 14 Republican primary

“We’ve spent two years debating it. Now it’s time to put it into place,” says Baldwin. “We need to pull together and make this law work for Wisconsin families.”

Baldwin understands that the ACA, while imperfect, will bring down health care costs — especially for Wisconsin businesses.

“(Wisconsin) is a big manufacturing state and it means a lot to our economy,” she says. “Unfortunately, on those issues there’s been virtual silence from my prospective opponents.”

Baldwin bluntly declares that she is “disappointed to see my potential Republican opponents say they’d simply rip up this decision and start over. It’s not what the people want, and it’s not what I want. It’s time to move forward and get the job done.”

That’s a serious response. An adult response.

Unfortunately, Baldwin’s opponents are acting like political children. They did not get their way, so they are throwing tantrums.

If they don’t grow up quickly, Wisconsinites who care about the state’s economic future will have only one realistic choice: Tammy Baldwin.

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