Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

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Scott Walker has attacked public schools and public services in Wisconsin, claiming the state is in a dire financial circumstance that does not allow Wisconsin to maintain its historically high standards when it comes to educating our children and maintaining our communities.

Kids have to "share" in the sacrifice.

The elderly have to "share" in the sacrifice.

People with disabilities have to "share" in the sacrifice.

But guess who doesn't have to "share" in the sacrifice.

His Highness, King Scott.

Walker's Department of Administration has asked the state Building Commission for $478,700 in general fund-supported borrowing to pay for kitchen renovations at the governor’s mansion.

That's right, Walker wants a half million dollars to fix up a first-floor kitchen and a second-floor kitchenette at the mansion.

Much of the money, he claims, will be raised via private donations to the Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation.

Walker seems to think the mingling of private and public funds makes it permissible for him to demand a $500,000 kitchen so that he can live large.

That's ridiculous.

Unless he is planning on gold-plating those kitchens, he can have them renovated for a fraction of the cost -- and the work can and should be done by state employees, not outside contractors.

If the Building Commission approves Walker's free-spending raid on the treasury, they will effectively be saying Wisconsin has money to burn.

And that King Scott can live large while he demands that everyone else "share" in the sacrifice. 

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