Now that the first presidential debate is done, the next big debate will be the vice presidential clash between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

We know that Ryan is busy prepping, and we don't expect him to come back to Wisconsin to debate his opponent in the other race he's running this fall.

But after Ryan finishes the debate with Biden, he owes Wisconsin at least one debate with Democrat Rob Zerban, his serious challenger for the congressional seat representing southeastern Wisconsin's 1st District.

The Racine Journal Times, a 1st District paper, says to Ryan: “If you want to run for two offices, you should give the voters a chance to see you side-by-side with both of your opponents.”

The Kenosha News, another 1st District paper, says: “We think Ryan, who has made several stops in Wisconsin in his vice presidential campaign and who is running television ads to support his congressional campaign, ought to make time in his schedule to debate his opponent in the 1st District, Democrat Rob Zerban, a businessman and former member of the Kenosha County Board. The invitations have been extended.”

Common Cause in Wisconsin has called for a debate.

Citizens Action of Wisconsin has called for a debate.

The Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans has called for a debate.

United Auto Workers Local 95 in Janesville, Ryan's hometown, has called for a debate.

And the voters of the 1st District clearly want a debate.

On Wednesday, Zerban hand-delivered a petition signed by more than 50,000 people to Ryan’s campaign office. The petition demanded that the Republican congressman return to the district for a debate with his Democratic challenger.

“Congressman Ryan has been chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate precisely because they see eye to eye on dismantling the social safety nets,” says Zerban. “They want to write off the 47 percent because they can’t relate to the 47 percent. Paul Ryan is so busy jetting across the country carrying water for Mitt Romney that he may have forgotten he’s still running for Congress right here in Wisconsin. But as long as Paul Ryan’s name is still on the ballot here at home, it’s our job to hold him accountable.”

Zerban is right.

This is about accountability.

And Paul Ryan owes some of that precious commodity to Wisconsin.

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