Van Wanggaard

Wisconsin state Sen. Van Wanggaard

Associated Press

Former state Sen. Van Wanggaard finally ended his futile attempt to cling to the legislative seat from which Racine-area voters removed him on June 5, with a rhetorical reference to Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

“I shall return,” Wanggaard declared.

Voters have a right to ask the political careerist: “When did you leave?”

The do-nothing Republican senator who was recalled and removed June 5 spent more than a month pursuing a pointless recount fight.

Then, when his defeat was reaffirmed by the canvass of ballots, he started spinning the fantasy that “irregularities” had been discovered.

By the end of the process, Wanggaard was exposed for what he is: a politician who was unwilling to accept the will of the people.

But the people prevailed.

Wanggaard is out.

Democrat John Lehman is in. And with Lehman comes Democratic control of the state Senate, checking and balancing Republican control of the executive branch.

Wanggaard’s political shenanigans looked an awful lot like an attempt to prevent the shift in control of the Senate chamber for as long as possible.

Some people will say he was simply playing politics.


But the former senator played badly, and made himself look not like Douglas MacArthur but like a whining political careerist whom voters well and wisely sent to the sidelines.

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