Alan R. Zeller: Women’s Care Center offers alternative to abortion

2013-03-05T04:15:00Z Alan R. Zeller: Women’s Care Center offers alternative to abortion
March 05, 2013 4:15 am

Dear Editor: In Wednesday’s Capital Times Dave Zweifel claims the “right-to-lifers” are heartless, due to comments by Barbara Lyons of Wisconsin Right to Life supporting the closing of four Planned Parenthood facilities in Wisconsin.

Below is my summary of Planned Parenthood’s services and also of services available at the Women’s Care Center on Orin Street. Which one has the wellness of women in mind for the long term? Which one is truly heartless?

A “24 hour hotline” is always available at the Women’s Care Center. Pregnancy tests are free, and if the test is positive, “proof of pregnancy” certification for social services is provided, and a free ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy test is offered. Counseling and parenting classes are available, and when you participate, you are eligible for the program where you can get supplies for your child.

The “emergency contraception (morning after pill)” and pregnancy testing are available at any time at Planned Parenthood. All other services are by appointment. STD testing and birth control pills by mail are two additional services. Payment is at the time of services or through insurance if applicable. Little or no discussion is offered on the many side effects of powerful birth control pills, or on the long-term repercussions of abortion services.

Planned Parenthood has been at work for many years; the Women’s Care Center has been open a year. Which one has the best long-term chance to reduce abortions, which nobody wants? Where should your tax dollars be going?

Alan R. Zeller


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