Dear Editor: One wonders what alternatives are available to increase the revenue gained by our state. The solution to kick start our recovery is obvious: Legalize it.

Last year, Colorado netted $2.2 million in state sales tax from the sale of medicinal marijuana. This doesn’t include the amount of jobs produced and, in turn, healthier overall economy that go along with the farming and processing of medicinal marijuana.

Marijuana is California’s No. 1 cash crop with the industry raking in $14 billion taxable, hard-earned dollars per year. This would, over time, undoubtedly help reduce our state’s budget deficit.

Also, with more open minds to the pharmaceutical benefits of THC, perhaps someday public officials will recognize the outrageous amount of money being wasted on enforcement of anti-marijuana laws.

Statewide polls show bipartisan support for medical marijuana, with 68 percent of Republicans and 84 percent of Democrats in favor. It makes one wonder what the word “democracy” really means in our state.

We could tremendously help our statewide debt while also helping patients with debilitating illnesses if the correct legislation is approved in Wisconsin. We need to quit cutting funds to state employees who keep us safe and educate our future generations and start taking advantage of resources that were here long before we were.

Garrett Fisher


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