Dear Editor: Mother Nature is watching! Recently the House of Representatives announced that it was proposing a major cut to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget. The EPA strives to protect our natural resources, such as air, water, and land, as well as clean up current pollution.

This budget cut is the worst attack to the EPA in over 30 years, reducing the 2010 budget by 30 percent (roughly $3 billion). It will target the Clean Air Act, inhibiting the clean-up of carbon dioxide pollution caused by coal-fired plants. Coal-fired plants and other stationary sources are the leading cause in global warming in America, and by inhibiting the ability to clean up such pollution our health is extremely endangered. It will also violate the Clean Water Act by opening up 200 million acres of natural wetlands and streams to developers. This will affect over 117 million Americans’ drinking water.

Not only will our health be affected by such budget cuts, but over 39,000 jobs will be directly affected.

This is a crucial time to stand up for our air and water, and protect the land they we live on. To ensure that the health and environment of Wisconsin’s families are protected, Wisconsin’s members of Congress should reject the funding cuts, and instead stand up for cleaner air, cleaner water, and preserving our environment.

McCaulley Earley


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