Claudia Pogreba: Refusal of Medicaid funds hurts Wisconsin citizens

2013-02-20T04:00:00Z Claudia Pogreba: Refusal of Medicaid funds hurts Wisconsin citizens
February 20, 2013 4:00 am

Once again Gov. Scott Walker has demonstrated he has no interest in promoting the economic well-being or quality of life of state citizens.

By not accepting Medicaid money, Walker has successfully slammed the door shut on the potential for jobs being added to our state economy. You would think that in itself would be sufficient motivation, knowing Wisconsin ranks 42nd nationally in job creation.

But in Walker's warped thinking, it makes more sense to promote a mining bill that will create a dismal 700 temporary jobs over several years and has the potential to destroy our environment and the tourism industry.

So how is Walker going to expand health insurance coverage for the uninsured? His scheme is to drop thousands of childless adults who are above the poverty level off BadgerCare, forcing them to seek a more expensive "Obamacare" exchange that many will not be able to afford.

By accepting Medicaid money — money that has already been appropriated in "Obamacare" with no cost to our state — Wisconsin could extend coverage to the uninsured through BadgerCare, create jobs and save taxpayer money.

Why would anyone believe this was a good decision for Wisconsin?

— Claudia Pogreba, Madison

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    - February 20, 2013 4:01 pm
    Claudia - This $$ from the Feds was only promised for 3 years. Just a carrot to get people to sign up. Obama's grand scheme is to get as many people signed up for as many programs as he can. Guess who ends up paying for it all? You and Me, and I'm not so sure about you, so that usually just leaves ME. Obamacare is already in the Red and can't provide all the payments it promised. How could we expect that if we expanded the programs they suddenly would be abel to pay for even more? We rightfully kicked 87k people off This program that were never intended to be on it. They will be eligible for Obamacare and then we can put back on 82k families who have been on waiting lists for medicaid. Get with the program,........the right program.
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