Tuesday morning at our kitchen table: Birds chirp and the sun streams in. I turn to the articles on Monday’s tragedy in Boston in my State Journal and read about sideline people thrusting cell phones toward runners so they can call their families to tell them they’re OK.

Tears fall down my cheeks. I ask my wife if she read the article, and she, too, cried.

Radio coverage speaks to stories of compassion exhibited by Bostonians who are offering housing, meals, health care. More tears.

Whoever did this didn’t make their point, didn’t “win,” and didn’t soften our resolve. They did make themselves look foolish and small.

Throughout this great country we will be more vigilant, and more wary of strangers. And we will go forward, work through this tragedy and prevail, as humans do. This will be filed in our memories as another vicious incident.

Like the Bostonians, I will continue to give back to my community and care for others as a responsible human. And I can only hope others will do the same, hear the birds and bask in the beauty of the sun.

No matter how difficult life may be, we will meet the challenges, survive, grow, conquer injustice and foster peace.

-- David Wandel, Madison


Letters editor for Wisconsin State Journal