Dear Editor: My heart goes out to Sandra Saul, who was willing to expose both her and her daughter’s grief over her wonderful former husband who committed suicide using a .22 caliber gun. I am not a member of the NRA but used to be a deer and pheasant hunter for years, enjoying the companionship of my close friends and our sons during those years.

Suicide within the family is an absolutely horrible experience that I have been fortunate to not have experienced, but I am well aware of what it does to you based on close friends who have had it happen to them. In one particular case, the father of a teenager found his son hanging from a beam in their barn and had to take him down and hold him in his arms as he cried and mourned his loss.

Another was a bipolar daughter living alone who didn’t pay her heating bills and was starving herself while off her medication, telling her parents until her very end she was OK — only to die the day before parents planned to visit her at her home.

A third was again a young professional woman suffering from clinical depression who took an overdose of medication that stopped her breathing.

My point in using these three examples is that there are more ways than one in which a person who feels life is no longer tolerable can take their life, and while gun laws need to be made to protect us from someone who is trying to kill many, outlawing all guns will not prevent suicides.

Ernie Pellegrino


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