Dear Editor: To say I was taken aback by Fabu’s recent column would be an understatement. I have never experienced such a small, narrow outlook. This is the most self-righteous article I have read.

I honestly do not know where to start. What paragraph? What sentence?

Fabu needs to take a chip off the shoulder. To take a step back and understand that perhaps her culture is not the only culture feeling slighted by those who do not know what their forefathers have given to this country.

She is insulted by persons not acknowledging her entrance into a room? Is she more special or does she feel above others who walk into a room and are not greeted?

This article would have been much better if it had not appeared. There is so much hatred, loathing and anger that it was hard to digest.

Please take time to understand it took many persons, from all walks of life and cultures, to form this country — and to suggest it was only a small portion of the population is entirely wrong. If Fabu wants the story of the black person to be told, she should be open to understand that others also made contributions.

Perhaps all cultures should have a week, month or whatever to let others know what their culture gave.

J. Jackson


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