Dear Editor: It is increasingly questionable if catastrophic global climate change can be properly and timely addressed within the framework of the American capitalist economic system. In fact, it appears more and more as though it cannot be.

The reason it appears it cannot be is the sociopaths in the ruling fascist capitalist oligarchy have destroyed our republic and replaced it with a fascist military/police state. The sole function of the police state is to preserve the economic/financial/military/police/political power of the oligarchy. The oligarchy is making preparations for maintaining their power as the effects of global climate change get worse. They are not in any serious way concerned about lessening the effects of global climate change, or preventing the effects of global climate change, or preventing global climate change altogether.

Aren't capitalism and the fascist military/police state it created wonderful! Look at all they are doing for us!

John P. Stoltenberg

Elkhart Lake

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