Dear Editor: Spencer Black explained our urgent need for President Obama to deny permission for the Keystone XL pipeline, but there are a host of other climate change action items we need from the federal government. Readers should call or write their congressional representatives and senators demanding serious climate change legislation.

The best option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions would be a revenue-neutral carbon tax, which would make using carbon-intense energy more expensive. More and more business leaders are advocating a carbon tax because it would start low and increase a predictable amount every year, and because it is much easier for businesses to administer than new governmental regulations. If Congress does not enact a carbon tax, the president will have to use his executive powers to authorize more and more regulations because ethically, morally, religiously, financially, scientifically and politically he cannot allow us to ignore climate change.

Readers should also call state legislators and demand an end to investments in local coal power plants. Coal is one of the worst sources of greenhouse gas pollution, so we must stop using it soon.

Judy Weiss

Member, Citizens Climate Lobby

Brookline, Mass.

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