Dear Editor: Both before and after the re-election of the president, writers to the Cap Times and elsewhere have pointed out the terrific hypocrisy inherent in Republican candidates who extol the virtues of patriotism with one breath, and shout praises for crass voter suppression measures with the next. Republicans are trying to convince voters that the real fraud is being committed by Democrats who seek to make a bigger issue of this constitutional violation than warrants the situation. Common sense is used as a justification for placing undue difficulties and expense upon minorities who might vote to elect Democrats to office.

The constitutional right to vote is immensely more important than a library card, a fishing license or even a driver’s license. Only by voting do ordinary people exercise the right to determine who runs our government and how it should be run.

I really think it is time that the press dedicated itself to clearly disputing the onerous and brazen tactics that the GOP dares to equate with patriotism!

Peter W. Johnson



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