Dear Editor: On Sunday, private voucher school proponents got the payback they were looking for when Gov. Scott Walker announced a platform to expand state funding of private unaccountable voucher schools. This announcement just proves that if you’ve got enough money to funnel into Republican campaigns, you’ll get your way, even if it is on the backs of our children.

If supporters of unaccountable private voucher schools would have invested their fortune into the schools they support rather than in elections, they wouldn’t need taxpayer dollars in the first place. Walker is ransoming our children’s future so his big campaign donors can make more money and it’s unconscionable.

I find it cruel that Walker made the largest cuts to public schools in the history of Wisconsin in the last budget and is now proposing to pull funds and kids out of public schools that are struggling because of his budget cuts. We are just now seeing firsthand the impact of Walker’s last budget. A vast majority of Wisconsinites don’t want to see taxpayer funding of private unaccountable voucher schools in their communities because they know this policy will do nothing to help our public school kids.

Rep. Chris Taylor


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