Dear Editor: The ultimate goal of the current Republican Party is to privatize education, Social Security, Medicare, water utilities, parks. This is why there was virtually no outcry during the Bush administration while the deficit grew to unprecedented levels. Indeed, it was part of the larger plan for privatization. After all, once you starve the federal government, states are forced to find other sources of revenue. By not funding education, we open the door to private schools. By not funding Social Security, we open the door to Wall Street greed. By not funding Medicare, we open the door to private insurance companies. Do we really want to sell our taxpayer-owned assets like our water utilities and parks to private companies, including foreign countries? We will end up paying more, there will be no transparency, and we will have no say in how these companies are run.

The top priority of any corporate entity is profit. Take a look around and see what corporations have already done to the people of this country. Our jobs have been outsourced. Our salaries have been cut. Our benefits have been cut. Our pensions have been cut. The cost of health care has spiraled out of control. Corporations and their CEOs are raking in obscene profits while starving the middle class in this country.

I, for one, will not vote for any politician, Democrat or Republican, who supports privatization of our core support systems.

Sharon Krebs


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