Dane County voters have the opportunity April 1 to vote on the national debate over legalizing cannabis. Vote "yes" on Advisory Referendum 2, which asks, "Should the state government enact legislation legalizing marijuana?"

While Wisconsin has some of the worst pot laws in the Midwest, 20 states now have legalized medical cannabis. And two of those, Colorado and Washington, tax and regulate adult use. Other states are also considering legalization. Polling has found majority support for cannabis legalization in 18 states and Washington, D.C.

Alaska will vote on legalization in August, while California, Oregon and other states are likely to see ballot measures in 2016. Nevada legalization advocates are collecting signatures this year for a 2015 vote. Florida is voting on a constitutional amendment to legalize medical cannabis this November.

Wisconsinites are not unlike other Americans. They support legalization just as much as people in other states. A strong showing for the April 1 legalization referendum will drive that point home to state lawmakers. So far they have been unwilling to admit that, as a policy, marijuana prohibition is counterproductive and repeal is the only sensible path.

-- Gary Storck, Madison, Is My Medicine Legal Yet? (www.IMMLY.org)

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I was kind of surprised that there are that many burnouts in Dane County. It would be interesting to see an age breakdown of the vote. I was thinking that the dopesmokers would mostly be under age 25, and that most of them wouldn't be able to find where to vote. And if you're over 25 and still smoke, then you're just a loser. Smoking is bad for you, I think we all agree on that. So I should tell my kids don't smoke cigs, but go ahead and smoke a little weed. Bottom line is that it's illegal, for losers, and socially unacceptable. Find something else to do. And we all know that the whole medical marijauna industry is an absolute joke.


Yes, drunken drivers don't kill or injure enough people in Wis. We need MORE drivers high on pot and other drugs to ensure the prosperity of funeral homes, hospitals , Drs , and increase the population of the prisons. Since the feds are unable to increase employment ,we can increase it in Wis . More correction officers , more legal work, more Drs and assistants , more funeral directors, more therapy providers, more rehab institutions for druggies , an economic and employment boom that will last for years! That's not even including the wealth of the drug cartels who will provide TAX FREE pot for a lower price. Win-win for all .Go for it!

Fact or Fiction
Fact or Fiction

As marijuana has become more potent the risks of addiction and unhealthy overdose have increased.

This story is out of the United Kingdom, but is equally relevant to the argument for legalization in the USA.

Gemma Moss was a typical 31-year-old British woman. She was a mother of three, and a regular churchgoer. Everyone who knew her said she was full of life and a great person to be around. Her death came as a shock to all who knew her. What is even more surprising is the way in which she died. According to local coroners, Moss’s death was caused by a Marijuana “poisoning” or overdose.

Overuse of marijuana is considered a trigger of permanent psychosis in those individuals with a genetic predisposition to it. There is no safe amount of buzz from THC for any driver, period. The carcinogenic properties of Marijuana, when smoked, are similar to that of cigarettes.

In summary, the best high is a natural high, as the semi-popular 1960's song stated - meaning THC free. And as bad as pot was then, it has been "improved" to about 10 times stronger today. Simply because it does not kill you, does not mean the drug enhances life in any way other than to blot out negative experiences for a while that are still there when the drug is done with its temporary effect.

In their review, they examined more than 120 studies on various aspects of marijuana and the teenage brain, including the biology of the brain, the brain's chemical reaction to marijuana and the influence of teens' genetic make-up and environment. They also analyzed previous studies on the "gateway drug" phenomenon, or an association between marijuana use and later addiction to other serious drugs and psychosis.

"When the first exposure occurs in younger versus older adolescents, the impact of cannabis seems to be worse in regard to many outcomes such as mental health, education attainment, delinquency and ability to conform to adult role," Jutras-Aswad explained.

Only about one in four teenage marijuana users will become dependent on the drug, which suggests that certain genetic and behavioral factors play a role in whether or not the drug use will continue, the researchers found. They added that marijuana dependence can be inherited or result from other psychological factors.

"Individuals who will develop cannabis dependence generally report a temperament characterized by negative affect, aggressivity and impulsivity, from an early age. Some of these traits are often exacerbated with years of cannabis use, which suggests that users become trapped in a vicious cycle of self-medication, which in turn becomes a dependence," Jutras-Aswad said.

The researchers concluded that marijuana is not harmless, and genetic or psychological screening can help identify those at greatest risk of abusing the drug.


I'm Karen

I don't know anyone who has died or caused someone else to die while using marijuana. The same cannot be said for alcohol or hard drugs. I have seen no evidence that weed leads to other addictions. I think we should legalize marijuana to take the "crime" out of dispensing it: with taxation as a plus. Our government is already on to this. Perhaps weed was around before water was turned into wine.


Don't you know that smoking is bad for your health. People don't like cigarette smokers so why should pot be any differant? Also the Government will tax the living crap on it like they did to cigarettes. Nobody will be able to afford it.

rights activist

Of course smoking is bad for you, but you didn't do your homework. Cigarette smokers can't be compared to pot smokers. The prohibition of pot has backfired just like the prohibition of alchohol that occured so many years ago. We live in a FREE country and this prohibition is rediculous. If you get a chance to pull a report from CNN that was broadcasted a few weeks ago, you will find the use of medical marijauna to be of extreme importance to those that are suffering from illnesses that can't be cured by prescription drugs, which by the way, can be more dangerous than the God given organic growth of pot. I can't blame you for your thoughts or anyone else; it's the false communicaton that we inherited when we were born.

Our economy needs this type of stimulation. In my college economics class, I wrote facts that were supplied through prestigious instituions such as, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, etc. I was very hesitant to write it because of any biased understanding my professor had. My results earned an "A" as far as stimulating the economy, which would create jobs, and chip away at our outrageous national debt. We have to think outside of the box to tread forward.

Thus far the only set back that I would agree is that smoking is bad, but alchohol is worse. And the food that we purchase from boxed, canned, junk food, soda, and beyond is more danerous than pot smoking. Also, everyone should have a choice on how they want to treat their body just like the food that we eat.

I say "go for it Wisconsin" stop the prohibition: legalize marijuana. Scott Walker or anyone of his representatives I hope is in favor. I would imagine that he is because of all the great things he has done to help Wisconsin's debt. He is a great strategic leader!

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