The Madison City Council will get a batch of new faces but will see no big political shift after Tuesday's elections.

Three incumbents from the leftist political party Progressive Dane held onto seats in contested races, but four newcomers endorsed by that party lost.

PD, as the party is known, went into the race holding eight of the 20 seats on the council. Now it will have seven.

Meanwhile, candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party and the business group Downtown Madison Inc. did well.

"It seems like status quo," said Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, stressing that results had more to do with neighborhood issues than party ties.

Overall, the council may edge slightly left because two newcomers not endorsed by PD are likely to be more liberal than retiring predecessors.

Cieslewicz said he's especially impressed with newcomers Lauren Cnare and Noel Rodamski and is pleased that Isadore Knox Jr. will add another black to the council.

City Council President and PD co-chairwoman Brenda Konkel, who ran unopposed, said PD candidates fared well despite opposition from major employers and media.

"We held our own," she said.

The election is a message for PD to reach to the middle, others said.

"It's a good night for moderates and Democrats," said Phil Salkin of the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin.

Regardless of ideology, the face of the council will change because six newcomers are replacing retiring incumbents.

The campaign was intense because the council took dramatic actions in the last two years, raising the minimum wage, making builders include lower-cost housing in projects, banning smoking in bars and restaurants and regulating big-box retail development.

Progressive Dane backed 11 candidates, while Democrats and Greens, business groups and labor also made endorsements for council seats, which technically are nonpartisan.

Ald. Austin King -- who represents the 8th District around UW-Madison, was a leader in establishing the minimum wage and was endorsed by PD -- got a decisive 78 percent of the vote over challenger Kami Eshraghi.

In the near West Side 5th District, PD-endorsed Ald. Robbie Webber beat Ben Moga. And PD-endorsed Ald. Brian Benford defeated Mike Welling in the North Side's 12th District.

Ald. Ken Golden, fresh from leading successful efforts to approve the mixed-use Monroe Commons project and big-box retail regulations, trounced PD challenger Chris Kratochwill in the 10th District.

In a high-profile race in the far West Side 20th District, Ald. Cindy Thomas took 56 percent of the vote to defeat former council member Gary Poulson.

Meanwhile, certified public accountant Jed Sanborn beat PD candidate Lisa Subeck to succeed retiring Ald. Ronn Ferrell in the West Side's 1st District.

Cnare, a media consultant for health-care and nonprofit groups, defeated Chad Scott to replace Ald. Warren Onken in the East Side's 3rd District.

In the South Side's 13th District, Knox, director of the Dane County Office of Equal Opportunity, defeated PD-endorsed Sarah King to replace retiring Ald. Andy Heidt.

And in the 15th District, Larry Palm, an administrative assistant for the Madison School District, beat PD-endorsed Lori Nitzel in a contest to succeed retiring Ald. Greg Markle.

Ald. Tim Bruer overwhelmed challenger Ann Knittel in the South Side's 14th District.

Two newcomers ran unopposed and won seats. Tim Gruber, a music teacher endorsed by PD, replaces retiring Ald. Jean MacCubbin in the 11th District. And Radomski, a policy analyst at UW-Madison, succeeds Ald. Steve Holtzman, 19th District.

Incumbents running unopposed and regaining seats were Alds. Brenda Konkel, Mike Verveer, Judy Olson, Zach Brandon, Paul Skidmore, Judy Compton, Santiago Rosas and Paul Van Rooy.

\ Madison City Council Races

Unofficial results from contested races in Tuesday's election. NA means results were not available. (I) denotes incumbent.

District 1

15 of 15 wards reporting

Jed Sanborn1,033

Lisa Subeck715

District 3

7 of 7 wards reporting

Lauren Cnare1,134

Chad Scott532

District 5

5 of 5 wards reporting

Robbie Webber (I)629

Ben Moga366

District 8

4 of 4 wards reporting

Austin King (I)405

Kami Eshraghi110

District 10

5 of 5 wards reporting

Ken Golden (I)1,515

Christopher M. Kratochwill726

District 12

7 of 7 wards reporting

Brian Benford (I)1,044

Michael Welling825

District 13

6 of 6 wards reporting

Isadore Knox, Jr.940

Sarah Ellen King781

District 14

7 of 7 wards reporting

Timothy V. Bruer (I)586

Ann M. Knittel259

District 15

5 of 5 wards reporting

Larry Palm1,019

Lori Nitzel796

District 20

5 of 5 wards reporting

Cindy Thomas (I)1,533

Gary Poulson1,187