Those that support the Foxconn deal are putting a lot of faith in a company that has not earned it.

Yet, even if Foxconn is reborn, it may not protect our environment or worker safety from disaster. Local managers will compare the bottom line with the cost of fines and penalties. They always do: It’s human nature under pressure.

And let’s be honest: Supporters know Wisconsin’s DNR has been emasculated and will not butt up against whatever Gov. Scott Walker wants. And President Donald Trump’s EPA will stand silent.

Then there is the weather: Storms and flooding will frequently wash toxins out of the holding pond into river ways and Lake Michigan. And remember, they will be using millions of gallons of water a day. The manufacturing discharge involved will be deadly and not easy to clean.

Other things are in the bill now to worry about, like the gerrymandering of our legal system, and the opening of the entire state to exemptions from environmental laws.

Our sons and daughters will have to reckon with the environmental degradation, and it will be a heavy price to get back to what we now take for granted -- our beautiful and lovable Wisconsin.

-- Joe Brogan, Madison