Foxconn is asking for up to $3 billion in state tax incentives to build its factory in Wisconsin.

That translates to more than $230,000 in incentives for each of the 13,000 jobs they've promised to create. Bloomberg Business Week estimated in late July that we actually could end up paying a lot more than that per job when all is said and done. And this is supposed to be a good deal for Wisconsin taxpayers?

Not only that, but Foxconn has a dubious record when it comes to its labor relations and its ability to meet safety standards. Its Chinese plants have drawn attention for accidents, labor disputes and worker suicides, which have been attributed to the intense pressure the company places on its workers. Is this really what we want for Wisconsin?

And don't forget that Gov. Scott Walker is proposing relaxing Wisconsin's environmental standards as part of the Foxconn proposal, making a terrible proposal even worse. Then again, when has Gov. Walker ever cared about the environment, Wisconsin workers or Wisconsin taxpayers?

Denise Beckfield, Verona