The governor and Republicans are working to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin. But is Foxconn the right kind of company for our state?

Businesses depend on workers to make a profit. That's why they're hired. As profit creators, workers must receive a fair portion of the value they create.

Our country was founded on the belief we are all created equal, all have the same rights, and representative government is responsible for protecting those rights. We value our fellow citizens and work to assist each other. We work through the government to create equal opportunity for everyone's success in life.

Elected officials are responsible for helping everyone participate in the economy, society and democracy. Government must also protect its citizens from physical harm, property damage and exploitation.

If Foxconn is to be a Wisconsin business, it must support and protect Wisconsin's citizens. It cannot ask us to lower our values or our environmental protections. If it does so, it will instead be a foreign company preying on us.

So Foxconn has the responsibility to recognize the contribution of Wisconsin's citizens to its success. Foxconn must offer its fair share of taxes and moral support of our values so future citizens and businesses can also succeed.

Bill Dagnon, Baraboo