The Foxconn deal Republican legislators and Gov. Scott Walker have potentially brought to our state has GOP supporters promising a economic "game changer" for Wisconsin with thousands of new jobs, more state revenue and an end to the decline our manufacturing sector.

Many Wisconsin residents would welcome this potential economic outcome even with all the state tax credits, the freezing of environmental standards, and the lack of details about this "generational" deal. Reservations about the deal are based on more than just the financial giveaway the governor is pushing with present and future taxpayers holding the bag. Part of the problem is the messenger.

Gov. Walker has not always been truthful with his constituents. He famously bragged to a billionaire donor of his "divide and conquer" strategy. His passing of Act 10 resulted in the serious reduction of income for thousands of Wisconsin taxpayers, principally public employees. His actions have crippled our Department of Natural Resources. Time and time again Gov. Walker has chosen big business over the needs of our citizens.

Simply put, Gov. Walker has not earned our trust.

Mark Quinn, Madison