Washington has too much of our money.

Proof is that Washington can send your money back to Madison, minus an appropriate Washington handling fee, and coerce our legislators to do their bidding. By that I mean we can have our money with huge Washington strings attached.

Examples would be the Washington takeover of our school curriculum, or the strings attached to our roads and bridges.

That is why I applaud our Legislature for calling for a Convention of States to let the Feds know that we, the citizens of Wisconsin, have a say about how our money is spent.

The naysayers would have you believe this is a call out for chaos -- that this has never been done before. But never before has our federal government been so out of control and so self-absorbed.

The calmer, more reasonable people of Wisconsin and other states calling for a convention would put power back where it belongs within their respective state and out of Washington, D.C.

David Certa, Shullsburg