Dear Editor: As we find ourselves in the aftermath of yet another horrific massacre, villainizing the NRA is wholly unhelpful in the search for meaningful change. It is true that our political system is corrupted by money, and that our professional politicians have profited rather than served, but the NRA is not the enemy of public safety.

Newly popularized “fake news” is not only the perpetuation of clearly false information, but also the presentation of information that is so out of context that the recipient is drawn to erroneous conclusions.

Here are some facts from the Center for Responsive Politics:

• The top lobbying organization in 2017 was the Chamber of Commerce at $82 million.

• No. 13 was the National Association of Broadcasters at $15 million.

• The NRA contributed $5 million, which was a rank of 154 in 2016 (the latest available).

• In the 2018 cycle, 228 Democrats and 282 Republicans have received lobbying dollars from various groups. Of the top 20, 10 are Democrats and 10 are Republicans.

If destroying the NRA is not the answer, what is?

Ask yourself: How do I keep my child from becoming a serial killer? Answer: We teach our children right from wrong. We teach them how to live. This is the fundamental work of the family unit and has gone undone in too many households for too long.

Joan Ellis Beglinger

Cross Plains

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