Because of the recent request for voter data by the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, voters are concerned about the release of their information. Fortunately, Wisconsin is not giving the commission your date of birth, Social Security number or driver’s license number.

But voters may be upset to learn their email address and phone number, if in the database, will be available to the commission or anyone else who buys the data. These items are in the database if a voter entered them on their registration form, and if the clerk entered it into the registration system.

In May, I wrote to my state senator asking that he draft a bill to change the law so a voter’s email address and phone number may only be viewed by election officials, who often use this contact information to promptly resolve issues regarding registration, ID or absentee ballots.

I have not received a reply to my letter. If you agree that this information should not be generally available, please contact your state legislator.

Paul Malischke, Madison