How to choose a good chiropractor

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With all of the variation in chiropractic, how does one identify a qualified and competent chiropractor that can help them? Have you asked yourself this question before? Many of us have. The good news is there is help.

The Journal of Family Practice (1992) published the following guidelines to consider when selecting a chiropractor in general:

• Treats mainly musculoskeletal (Muscle, Bone, Joint, Tendon, Ligament, Nerve) disorders

• Does not radiograph (X-ray) every patient

• Willing to be clinically observed

• Positive feedback from patients

• Communicates with the referring physician and other health care providers

• Administers reasonable treatment programs

• Does not charge a global, upfront fee


Additionally, according to peer reviewed guidelines published in Chiropractic & Osteopathy (2009) the following should be considered when selecting a chiropractor for management of athletic conditions:


• Minimum treatment time of 15-20 minutes

• Treatment is multimodal in nature (Consists of more than one application for the overall management of the condition)

• Treatment should contain active (exercise) and passive components

• No mandatory X-rays required for treatment

• No predetermined treatment schedules or prepaid contracts of care

• Use of medical terminology and diagnosis

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