When your shower drain becomes clogged, your first instinct might be to reach for a chemical clog remover—until you read the safety warnings on the back of the bottle. Chemical clog removers don’t just pose a threat to your safety, but can also eat away at your pipes over time. Here are two simple ways to unclog your shower drain naturally.

Every home owner, regardless of his or her neighborhood, should consider security lighting. A well-lit property can be a major deterrent to potential burglars, and with these three smart security lighting picks, it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your home safe.

Use a contrasting color. Want to punch up a space in an unexpected, contemporary way? Paint the ceiling a color that contrasts with the walls, such as this yellow against the purple. The ceiling becomes its own element and the space takes on a new dimension.

Try black. It isn’t always the easiest color to work with on walls, but when it’s done right, it’s pure magic. Adding it to the ceiling of this bathroom works because it’s balanced largely by white elements, so it doesn’t feel constricting. In addition, the wallpaper and patterned trim pull the black into the room, so the unexpected darkness overhead feels unified and appropriate.

Use sky blue. This one isn’t much of a shocker, but adding sky blue to the ceiling is a great trick when you want your space to have the carefree, lighthearted feel of a beautiful day. It’s especially clever when used on a porch — the roof shelters you from weather, yet you still feel like you’re under the sky. This color also works well in screened-in porches and sunny rooms.

The chance to build a new house in this historic neighborhood in Bozeman, Montana, is so rare that a house had to collapse for these homeowners to have the chance. The area is sought after for its beauty, small-town feel and university, and has a similar feel to the homeowners’ former neighborhood in Seattle. “My clients were very respectful of the neighborhood’s mix of older styles and wanted their house to fit in,” says architect Greg Dennee of Locati Architects.

Craftsman bungalow meets Montana meets modern living inside the home. While the house has Craftsman bungalow style, one of the challenges was to balance that feeling with a more modern open floor plan and higher ceilings (they are closer to 10 feet high rather than the 8-foot ceilings typically seen in bungalows). The details also offer a mix; some of the trimwork is distinctly Craftsman style, while the rugged reclaimed fir beams are a nod to Montana lodges.