Staying hydrated keeps your body cool and your heart and skin healthy—but drinking enough water in the summer can be tricky, especially if you’re active enough to work up a sweat. These smartly designed water bottles will help you stay hydrated on the hottest days of the year.

With Memorial Day just around the corner, it’s about time to start enjoying longer evenings, warmer weather and the company of friends and family. Why not take advantage of those extra hours of daylight this season and make gathering over cocktail hour a summer tradition? Relishing the evenings with a cool drink in hand will become second nature with these 10 entertaining essentials.

Big families have always fought for their five minutes of hot water, but now they struggle to stream and game in different rooms. These fast and far-reaching routers are perfect for plugged in homes and multiple device use.

If you recently paid a visit to an aging parent’s home, you may have been surprised by the changes in their health. Seniors often hide their struggles from family for fear of being a burden or out of concern that loved ones might try to convince them to move to a senior community.