Pod laundry detergent is a convenient, mess-free alternative to gallon jugs. Though Tide Pods have dominated the laundry detergent market (and the foolish YouTube challenges market), these laundry detergent brands offer an alternative to traditional detergent that’s definitely worth a try.

Whether your slippers just aren’t cutting it in the dead of winter or you’re in need of some color to cure a case of the winter blues, rolling out a new rug is rewarding this time of year. Here’s how to incorporate one in every room of the house.

Despite the penny naysayers who think the currency should be eliminated from circulation, the humble one cent coin lives on. But if you’re not sure exactly what to do with all your spare change, this DIY project using pennies and epoxy will help you turn the copper coins into a work of art.

A well-seasoned cast iron skillet is a must have item in every home cook’s kitchen, and with proper care your cast iron skillet can last a lifetime. But what happens when you notice rust on your cast iron, or get stuck with baked on food that just won’t come off? Don’t give up on your favorite cast iron cookware. This simple chainmail scrubber is the solution.