LOS ANGELES — Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy on Wednesday told Milwaukee radio station WSSP-AM 1250 that he will undergo surgery today to correct a fracture in his right hand. He added that his wife has been assaulted by hateful messages on Facebook since he suffered his unusual injury in a hotel room mishap Sunday night.

Lucroy said he was reaching under the bed for a sock when his wife moved a suitcase and it fell on his hand. He suffered what the Brewers called a "boxer's fracture" of the fifth metacarpal.

Assistant general manager Gord Ash said Wednesday that surgery would not alter the Brewers' original estimation for Lucroy's recovery. He is expected to miss six weeks.

Lucroy was just as upset about the abuse his wife, Sarah, has endured in the days since.

"It's tough for me, because this is already a freak thing as it is," Lucroy said. "My wife has been getting hate mail on her Facebook, like, messages and stuff. It's really sad that these kinds of things happen from a freak thing. I mean, she didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident. Stranger things have happened.

"It's been a battle for me, personally, because there's no one to blame, and my wife is getting killed by this. It's not like she's not hurt enough already, not feeling guilty enough already. I really wish people would just leave her alone, leave us alone, just let us try to move forward, and get this behind us, because this has been a brutal couple of days."

Lucroy has a team-leading .345 batting average.

He made news by saying he needed surgery. On Tuesday in Los Angeles, manager Ron Roenicke told reporters that his understanding was Lucroy's hand would heal on its own.

But Lucroy was examined by head team physician William Raasch in Milwaukee, and apparently surgery was deemed the best option. Lucroy told WSSP's Chuck & Wickett Show that surgeons would insert a pin in his hand to hold the two segments of bone together.

"The more correctly aligned they are, the better my grip strength will be whenever they heal up," Lucroy said.

Braun rolls with the boos

Ryan Braun became the player Los Angeles Dodgers fans love to hate after he beat out Matt Kemp for the NL MVP award last season. On Tuesday night, he showed how well he responds to the hostility.

Braun hit a two-run homer in the first inning, leading the Brewers to a 2-1 victory and helping first-time starter Mike Fiers spoil Kemp's return from the disabled list.

The crowd of 51,137 jeered Braun lustily every time he came up — as they did in Monday's opener of the four-game series. He answered them with a first-pitch drive into the right field bullpen after Nyjer Morgan singled with one out in the first inning. It was his 14th of the season, two more than Kemp, who had missed the previous 13 games because of a left hamstring strain.

"I wouldn't say it was something I wasn't anticipating," Braun said of the booing. "As a competitor, it kind of makes it fun. It's not something I would choose for it to be, but it certainly makes it enjoyable. More than anything, it was nice to get on the board early."

One fan displayed his contempt for Braun during the Dodgers' third, throwing a baseball back onto the field after the Brewers left fielder picked up a foul ball A.J. Ellis hit down the line and tossed it into the stands. When Andre Ethier flied out to Braun to end the fourth, Braun faked like he was going to throw it to the fans — but kept it and trotted in.

"It didn't really surprise me too much when they threw it back," said Braun, who grew up in Southern California and made plenty of visits to Dodger Stadium. "There's a lot more energy here right now than I've seen in a long time. I mean, when Manny Ramirez was here, there was definitely some excitement. But it's different right now.

"The way they're supporting their team right now is really special. I think they recognize that the team is on its way to a special season and the fans are really fired up about the direction this organization's headed, the way everybody's embracing the new ownership group."