Why did the Jarrod Uthoff transfer process become a national story?

Certainly, Twitter played a large role.

Whether it was national columnists, local media, former players or fans, everyone seemingly had an opinion on the issue and many voiced it on the social media platform.

Here’s a sampling of those comments:

Jay Bilas, ESPN


“Bo Ryan left UW-Milwaukee for Madison after just 2 years. Was his contract up? Was his “commitment” satisfied? Should HE have been blocked?”

Darren Rovell, MSNBC


“Lesson for Bo Ryan & others in the media: You can choose to avoid Twitter, but Twitter won’t avoid you.”

Howard Moore, Illinois-Chicago coach and former UW assistant


“For the record, Bo Ryan represents everything that is right about college basketball! Know the facts before you judge!”

Stephen A Smith, ESPN


“Bo Ryan’s comments were utterly ridiculous ... His comments on Mike and Mike were embarassing. Revealing!”

Jemele Hill, ESPN


“Bo Ryan is snatching up NCAA hypocrisy and running with it full speed. His comments are foolish on Mike and Mike.”

Darren Rovell, MSNBC


“Bo Ryan is on Mike & Mike. It’s clear he is dangerously tone deaf. He had a chance to right this & miserably failed.”

Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated


“I look forward to Bo Ryan blocking the upcoming marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. #boryanblocks”

Julius Hodge, former N.C. State player


“I hope this hurts Bo Ryan’s recruiting attempts! Ban the kid from transferring to 25 schools? Cuz he wants to leave #Wisconsin that’s wrong!”

Seth Davis, ESPN


“I believe Bo Ryan is a good man and a great coach. So I choose to believe he will back down from this ridiculous stance. It’s not worth it.”

Dan Dakich, Big Ten Network


“the bleeding hearts are killing Bo Ryan on twitter..wonder if anyone that actually coached college basketball is killing him? … If Bo Ryan wanted to leave the school could absolutely block where he goes and deny permission.”

Pete Thamel, New York Times


“With Bo Ryan lifting all non-Big Ten transfer restrictions on Jarrod Uthoff, I think @twitter can take a bow here #badgers”

Evan Flood, Badgers 247 Sports


“Unfair in my opinion that Bo Ryan has to take the heat here for every NCAA Head Coach, right or wrong.#badgers”

Dave Heller, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


“Hopefully story shifts off Bo & #badgers and to larger pic of NCAA and athletes rights, but that prob not sexy enuf for talk radio, twitter”

Brian Butch, former UW forward


“Why did Seth Davis not make a big deal over the kid from Michigan transferring with pretty much same restrictions? #badgers”

Jason Bohannon, former UW guard


“Teammates and coaches deserve to meet with players that are looking to transfer, if they still want to leave they can leave... Don’t go to the media on things before you explain yourself to your family.”

Fran Fraschilla, ESPN and former college basketball coach


“Recruiting doesn’t end when you sign a kid. It begins. Obviously, minus tampering situation, Bo could have done better job here. Let kid go.”

Colin Cowherd, ESPN


“bo ryan is burying himself (on ESPN’s Mike and Mike show)......live on radio. defensive, small, petty, and lost.”

Adam Hoge, CBS and Bucky’s Fifth Quarter


Right or wrong, Bret Bielema and Bo Ryan have both managed to create PR nightmares for themselves in the last few months. #Badgers

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports


“Anthony Davis saw a Bobcats game and asked John Calipari to block his transfer to Charlotte.”

Bill Cooney, Wisconsin State Journal


There you have it, America. Journalism lives. Power of the people. #Badgers will lift transfer restrictions on Jarrod Uthoff

Tom Oates, Wisconsin State Journal


In Mike & Mike interview, Bo Ryan sounded like a lawyer who knows he has a losing case. #Badgers

Other voices:

@ByAndrewWagner: And now, Jarrod Uthoff can return to his life as a nobody.#Badgers #whocares

@SWatson10: A classic case of the media influencing society. I believe all Bo Ryan wanted was a formality & now Uthoff is free. Give it up now#Badgers

@hoopsmarinara: Bo is guilty of excessive restrictions. But he believes that was his only recourse to get some face-to-face answers. #badgers#uthoff

@reecer98: “Yikes, this is not the way the #Badgers BB program wants to be in the spot light. Restrict him to outside the Big Ten and that’s it.”

@jake_langbecker: “Not saying he’s right but Bo Ryan is very far down on the list of things wrong in college basketball.”

khoadley: “i think everyone’s upset because we thought bo ryan was above all that.. #badgers”MileHighMonday: I have absolutely no connection to#wisconsin or #badgers basketball, but Bo Ryan looks pathetic in this whole deal.

MileHighMonday: I have absolutely no connection to#wisconsin or #badgers basketball, but Bo Ryan looks pathetic in this whole deal.

scotttappa: My timeline hasn't had any Uthoff news or commentary for at least an hour, I'm starting to get the shakes. #badgers

@k_trahan: “Bo, it’s not worth it buddy. The possibility he might score a few points against you isn’t worth the negative effect on recruiting.#badgers”

@WallysVoice: “Before this is all over the Lollipop Guild will dance down State Street. THAT’S how weird this Uthoff situation is.#Badgers”

@kronzer: Good to see Bo give his reasoning to Andy Katz. He is not running a relocation service for misguided basketball players. … Still think he could have handled the situation better. Have to anticipate negative reaction from pundits and twitterverse