Brett Favre
Brett Favre celebrates with Chester Taylor after Favre threw a touchdown pass during the first half of the Vikings' 30-23 victory over the Packers at the Metrodome on Monday night. TOM OLMSCHEID Associated Press

You can understand, if not overlook, Aaron Rodgers being a little tentative in the pocket, which may have affected his decision-making. Especially his decision to hold on to the football as long as he did at times Monday night against the Vikings. You can understand because Rodgers has to be shellshocked.

You can also understand, if not overlook, Green Bay offensive line coach James Campen woofing with Jared Allen, the Minnesota Whack-Job and Rodgers' worst nightmare, at the end of the first half. You can understand because Campen is obviously a knucklehead. Maybe he should be "coaching-up'' his misfits on the offensive line instead of wasting his breath on Allen.

Here's what I don't understand, what I don't get, and what I can't overlook: Dom Capers' passive gameplan for Brett Favre. Where was the blitzing? Where was the aggressiveness? Why in the world (the world of 3-4 defensive schemes) would you go soft on Favre, sit in a zone and give him all that time to find his receivers? It didn't make any sense.

(In fact, it made less sense than Mike McCarthy disdaining a field goal on Green Bay's final possession of the third quarter. The Packers wound up squandering the opportunity. They came away with zero, zilch, squat, no points from a first-and-goal situation from the Minnesota 5-yard line.)

ESPN's tagteam analysts, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden, second-guessed Capers throughout the broadcast. Rightly so. It didn't make any sense to them, either. Especially when Favre had over 7 seconds to stand in the pocket and scan the field on one occasion. It's pretty tough to cover anyone for 7-plus seconds, including a stiff like Vikings tight end Jeff Dugan.

Favre was sharp, Capers was not.

Favre was on target, Capers was not.

Favre played to win, Capers did not.

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