The University of Wisconsin has a long and checkered history with high-scoring guards in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Two years ago, Kansas State's Jacob Pullen went off for 38 points yet UW still won by five.

In 2010, Louis Dale scored 26 to lead Cornell's 18-point, second-round upset of the Badgers.

A year earlier, Florida State's Toney Douglas tallied 26 points but UW won in overtime.

A scoring explosion by a guard happened twice in 2008, first when Cal State-Fullerton's Josh Akognon scored 31 in a 15-point victory by UW, next when Steph Curry lit up the Badgers for 33 to fuel Davidson's shocking 17-point victory in the Sweet 16.

In Friday's tournament opener at Kansas City, the Badgers will try to stop Mississippi's outspoken and controversial Marshall Henderson, a scrawny, 6-foot-2 guard who is the leading scorer in the SEC. Much like Curry, Henderson has created a national stir with his recent scoring binge.

So how do the two compare?

"He might have even more of a green light than Steph Curry had in terms of the shots that he takes," UW assistant coach Greg Gard said. "As that Davidson team did, they got some other pieces around him that make him pretty good. It's not just him."

Is there anything UW can draw from that Davidson game to help them with Henderson?

"There's a lot of really good three point shooters around," UW coach Bo Ryan said. "They're going to get shots off. We have some things that we try to do. We've been successful a lot of times; other times we haven't. We'll play. I've never compared one player to another that way. But, you know, if somebody has a strength, what you have to do is try to get into that strength, knowing that good players are still going to get shots."

Gard's scouting report indicates that Curry, currently a star for the Golden State Warriors, is different from Henderson in many ways.

"(Curry) hit some tough shots in that game and he was a heck of a player," Gard said. "The thing with Henderson is sometimes the best-guarded shots are the ones he makes and the open ones he doesn't make. ... Curry could do more with the ball. He could make a lot of plays with the ball himself. Not that Henderson can't, but that isn't his role near as much with this team."

Gard also found out that Henderson is a fearless shooter.

"There's no real limit on where he's going to shoot it," he said. "I've seen him shoot it with feet in the logo at half court. And he's very good at drawing contact. If you get too close, he kicks his feet out. He's very cagey and very crafty with how he plays."

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you hit it right on the head Mike! Henderson just a cocky s.o.b that needs a good beating. Curry was humble and classy through their entire run


Tom, you might want to take your own advice.....LOL!!!!!!!! WI didn't win because they can't score. At this level, you have to have an offense. And you're dead in the water betting the bank on a good half-court game. Final Four team? Check. Next time, save your smak for AFTER the game.


No! Steph Curry has class


Can't win shooting under 26 percent. Embarrassment for the Big Ten. Pathetic. Hard to watch.


He is another Sam Oakey.


Um, no.