Several of autumn’s first outdoor seasons are enveloped around Labor Day, including sturgeon hook and line fishing (Sept. 2-30), ginseng digging (Sept. 1-Nov. 1), early blue and green-winged teal (Sept. 1-7), early Canada goose (Sept. 1-15) and mourning dove (Sept. 1-Nov. 29).

One of Wisconsin’s most under-fished rivers is the Lower Wisconsin River (LWR), which flows from the cities of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac and runs almost 90 miles to its convergence with the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien.

The following is a calendar for outdoors recreational events in and around southern Wisconsin as of Aug. 18, 2017. Please note that readers are advised to contact clubs and organizations, especially in the event of inclement weather, to check the status of each listing.

Wisconsin’s virtuous laws were good enough for our homegrown companies for decades, but now we want to dump those regulations for the first giant tech company to whisper promises of a new era and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities? Are we really that weak?

Let’s unravel yet another 2017 DNR mess, which plops alongside previous fiascos such as downplaying CWD, downsizing its State Fair presence, slashing its Natural Resources magazine, and stifling media access to agency staff.