Red and white banners promote the All Ways Forward campaign

Red and white banners featuring the iconic W promoting the All Ways Forward campaign adorn the exterior of Bascom Hall. The banners are part of UW-Madison’s comprehensive fundraising campaign. 


Discovery animates the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Colleagues featured in these pages push the boundaries of scientific knowledge, enhance understanding of the way societies are organized and governed and deepen understanding of science and what it means to be human.

We also guide our students through an intense period of self-discovery, through in- and out-of-classroom instruction. Research and teaching are intertwined.

Those who are not familiar with the university occasionally challenge me with the suggestion that scholarship occurs at the expense of teaching. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Great scholars are generally great teachers. The passion and talent required to extend the boundaries of knowledge come alive in the classroom. Research – along with teaching the next generation of citizens, leaders and scholars – is the essence of discovery.

The college – housed in 35 departments, five professional schools, and more than 70 interdisciplinary research centers – expands knowledge, builds economies, educates the next generation, reaches out to Wisconsin and the world and makes discoveries that boost our quality of life.

We are passionate about our work, committed to our students, and deeply grateful for the investment made by current and past generations of Wisconsin citizens and policymakers.

Communities from every county in the state send excellent students to UW-Madison. We’re grateful to be able to enrich our students and bring discovery to life.

Recognizing this partnership, we are driven to excellence. This edition of Fueling Discovery — produced in partnership with the Wisconsin State Journal and our valued sponsors — features examples of that excellence.

My colleagues and their stories inspire me. I hope they inspire you.