Police car lights

Car thieves took an unusual approach to breaking into a town of Westport home Tuesday morning, by stealing a car in for service at a Madison auto dealer, then using information in the car to find the home and the garage door opener to get into the house.

Nobody was hurt in the break-in reported around 5 a.m., the Dane County Sheriff's Office said.

"The residents were sleeping and the burglars went into the house while they were sleeping," said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Elise Schaffer.

The break-in in Westport started with a break-in in Madison, at Kayser Ford, 2303 W. Beltline Hwy., sometime early Tuesday morning.

"Somebody kicked in part of an overhead door at the maintenance area to gain access to the inside," said Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The suspects took a 2017 Lincoln MKC and a 2014 Ford Focus from inside the facility, driving out the overhead door that opened automatically for the car thieves.

The Lincoln belonged to the Westport couple.

"The suspects used information in the car, either paperwork or the car's GPS system, to find the home address," Schaffer said.

The thieves then used the Lincoln's garage door opener to get into the garage then the house, where they took a cellphone and some cash, before taking the car the residents were using from the dealer: a 2018 Lincoln.

The two Lincolns and Ford have not been recovered, and could be long gone from the area. A bulletin went out across the country about the stolen vehicles, with the estimated value of the two Lincolns put at over $100,000.


Bill Novak is a general assignment reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.