A suspect in a gunfight on Beld Street in May has been arrested after his DNA was found on a bottle linked to the incident and a witness picked him out of a photo lineup.

Alvin McCarty, 32, of Madison, is tentatively charged with three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment, Madison police said.

The reckless endangerment charges are being pursued because people were at home in three houses hit by gunfire during the incident on the afternoon of May 15.

McCarty allegedly got a gun from his car and walked toward a group of people, firing multiple rounds. A man in the group fired back; he hasn’t been found.

“It was determined the suspect had been drinking from a bottle that was left on top of the car that contained the weapon,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. “DNA was recovered from the bottle and it was found to belong to the suspect.”

An eyewitness picked McCarty out of a photo lineup, so probable cause to arrest him was developed, police said.

Near toddler’s crib

At one of the homes hit, a couple and their toddler were in the backyard when they heard shots.

“They ran inside to get to safety,” DeSpain said. “The mom and dad discovered a bullet had gone through their daughter’s bedroom window, a few feet above her crib before lodging in the wall of their bedroom.”

Another home hit had two residents inside.

“They hit the floor when they heard shots,” DeSpain said. “A bullet came into their home, entering through a window, going through a wall before hitting a bathroom mirror.”

A man working on his computer in his living room in a third house jumped out of his chair when he heard the shots.

“Three bullets struck his home with two penetrating its interior,” DeSpain said. “Both of those bullets whizzed through bedrooms, with one bullet ending up on the man’s desk.”

He usually worked at the desk, but decided on that day to take his laptop into the living room.

“That turned out to be a very good decision,” DeSpain said.


Bill Novak is a general assignment reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.