An 18-year-old Madison man was charged Tuesday with secretly recording women in bathroom stalls at a UW-Madison dormitory just hours after his father bailed him out of jail on charges from a similar incident eight days earlier.

Larry M. Seidl Jr. is back in jail after he was charged with four counts of capturing an intimate representation without consent following the incidents at Ogg Hall around 6:30 p.m. Thursday, according to a criminal complaint. Three of the victims were women and one victim was a 17-year-old girl, the complaint stated.

He also was charged with two counts of bail jumping for breaking terms of his bail, including staying off of UW-Madison property and not using recording or photography devices in public restrooms, the complaint stated.

Earlier Thursday, Seidl had been charged with four counts of capturing an intimate representation without consent for incidents that occurred on Aug. 30 and one more count for an incident on Aug. 11, according to online court documents.

The incidents on Aug. 30 occurred at Sellery Hall, UW-Madison police said. Seidl also was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault for an incident on Aug. 31 that Madison police said occurred on State Street.

Seidl was released from jail on Thursday after his father, Larry L. Seidl, posted $1,000 bond. But on Tuesday, Seidl remained in jail after Dane County Court Commissioner Jason Hanson set bail at $3,500 per case.

Seidl is not a UW-Madison student but lived at the Pres House apartments on East Campus Mall. His father was helping him move out, back to Iowa, on Thursday after he bailed him out of jail, the criminal complaint stated.

According to the complaint:

UW-Madison police contacted Seidl outside Pres House after they were investigating reports that a man was taking photos of women in Ogg Hall and Seidl matched witnesses’ description of the man. Seidl’s father told UW-Madison police that his son had taken his cellphone and took off for approximately 10 minutes but did not know where he had gone.

Seidl’s father then opened up the last video taken on the cellphone for UW-Madison police and they could see Seidl looking at the phone before the phone is passed under the stall divider of a bathroom and a female is seen on the screen.

At that point, Seidl was taken into custody and transported to the Dane County Jail.


Rob Schultz has won multiple writing awards at the state and national levels and covers an array of topics for the Wisconsin State Journal in south-central and southwestern Wisconsin.