A volunteer for a local congressional campaign who recanted a story about being attacked in his home for being a gay Republican has been charged with obstructing police.

Kyle Wood, 30, of Madison, who first told police on Oct. 24 that he had been choked, struck, kicked and thrown against a wall by an attacker, admitted five days later that he had caused the injuries himself using a guitar string and a river rock from an aquarium shoved inside a sock.

"You're right, I did it to myself," Wood told Detective Michelle Riesterer on Oct. 29, according to a criminal complaint. The admission allegedly came after Riesterer confronted Wood about inconsistencies in his story.

Wood is scheduled to appear in court on March 14 to face the misdemeanor charge.

Deputy District Attorney Christopher Freeman said Tuesday that the complaint was submitted to the clerk of court's office last month, but the charge has yet to appear in the court's computer system. Freeman said he does not know why that hasn't happened.

In addition to striking himself with a rock, the complaint states, Wood also admitted that he struck his head on a mirror at his apartment and ran into a doorknob. He said he was the only one who knew that the attack was made up.

Before admitting that the story was made up, Wood had told police that his attacker told him that he should have kept his mouth shut and that he had been warned.

Wood was a volunteer for the campaign of Chad Lee, a Republican who ran against Democrat Mark Pocan for the vacant 2nd Congressional District seat in November. Before admitting the story was false, Wood gave interviews about the attack to several conservative media outlets, claiming to have been attacked because he was a gay man who did not support Pocan, who is also gay.

Wood also claimed to have been receiving harassing text messages, but those were also found to be false.

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