A third allegation of misconduct involving an adult male has been cast against a former top UW athletic official, adding to a growing investigation of John Chadima.

Interim UW-Madison Chancellor David Ward said in a statement Thursday the UW-Madison Police Department is investigating the allegation and has deemed it "credible," but did not release any more details.

He said police are investigating "all allegations of sexual impropriety or abuse of power."

Chadima's attorney, Charles Giesen, blasted Ward for soliciting complaints against Chadima. He said neither he nor Chadima has been told the nature of the latest charges.

"Without knowing who the accuser is or what allegation is, there's no way John can make any meaningful response," Giesen said Thursday. "I think it's especially inappropriate for the chancellor to be soliciting complaints against John Chadima and to vouch for the credibility of some anonymous accuser during an ongoing investigation."

A report released last month detailed that Chadima, then a senior associate athletic director, allegedly sexually assaulted a male student employee at a party in his hotel suite before the Rose Bowl and threatened to have the student fired after he was turned down. The report also found that Chadima supplied alcohol to underage students at the event. Chadima resigned on Jan. 6.

In a statement released last month, Chadima said that he makes "no excuses" and that he realized that alcohol has controlled and consumed his life.

The university disclosed on Monday that a second allegation had been lodged by a former student. Ward announced then that he would convene another investigation, led by former Dane County Circuit Judge Patrick Fiedler.

Fiedler conducted the investigation into the Rose Bowl incident. The third allegation emerged since Monday.

Ward briefed members of the UW Board of Regents in closed session Thursday.

"The regents have been very concerned about this from the beginning," said Board of Regents President Michael Spector. "We are confident in Chancellor Ward and the process he has undertaken and in Judge Fiedler."

In a statement, Ward asked anyone with information about inappropriate conduct by Chadima to come forward.

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