As the UW Athletic Department packs shoulder pads, cleats and uniforms on a truck bound for Pasadena, missing from the truck this year will be wine, beer and spirits that in past years made the trip.

The change in policy prohibiting transporting alcohol to off-campus events comes in the wake of the John Chadima scandal during last year's trip, when the senior associate athletic director allegedly sexually assaulted a student after a party he hosted that included alcohol bought with booster funds and trucked to games with the rest of the equipment.

The change is part of a revised athletic department policy governing use and distribution of alcohol at department events on and off campus. It was adopted in May as an interim policy in place until a set of broader university-wide alcohol policies take effect, expected to happen early next year, said Darrell Bazzell, vice chancellor for administration.

The new athletic department policy explicitly forbids alcohol from some department events including team banquets, letter jacket presentations and graduation ceremonies. The policy allows for serving of alcohol at other department events but forbids using taxpayer money to buy booze and also forbids serving student athletes, student managers or minors even if they're accompanied by parents.

"Department staff hosting these events may politely inquire for evidence of age," the policy states.

Chadima, who resigned in January after allegations surfaced of inappropriate sexual contact with students, hosted a party for athletic department student workers at a team hotel in Los Angeles last Dec. 30. Students, including minors, were provided alcohol, according to an independent review of the allegations.

University officials said that Chadima violated existing alcohol policies that required staff to get department permission before serving alcohol at events. But athletic director Barry Alvarez said after the allegations became public that the department's oversight of alcohol at events "probably" became lax, prompting a fresh look.

Associate athletic director Justin Doherty said the department didn't plan any extra communication of the new policies as employees plan to go to the Rose Bowl but would continue to stress to staff and students that they should represent the university in a positive light.

"I think everyone's aware of the situation from last year," he said of the Chadima allegations. "I think that would be front of mind for people. Our message of responsible behavior and representing the school with class doesn't change."

Bazzell was directed by interim UW-Madison chancellor David Ward with reviewing the university's overall approach to alcohol. Bazzell formed a committee chaired by Sara Van Orman, executive director of university health services, and including 12 other members including dean of students Lori Berquam, police chief Susan Riseling and law school dean Margaret Raymond. Sean Frazier, deputy director of the athletic department, is the department's representative on the committee.

Van Orman declined to comment.

The committee has been meeting since the spring and is expected to report back to Bazzell in mid-January, he said.

"We asked the group to take time and start over in rethinking what we ought to be doing in terms of controlling alcohol on campus," he said.

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