Monona Mayor Bob Miller says lowering the marijuana fine would lessen the disproportionate impact on low-income people, but the city's police chief says the move would send the wrong message to children.

Republicans moved within a step Thursday of cutting millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood, pushing a bill that would limit Medicaid reimbursements for abortion providers through the state Assembly and on to Gov. Scott Walker.

Five years ago today, Republican Gov. Scott Walker introduced legislation that would effectively end collective bargaining for public employees and unmoor Wisconsin from its progressive roots. In his own words, it was the day he "dropped the bomb." The bill that later became Act 10 launche…

Wisconsin's political fault lines existed long before Act 10, but the law that hobbled public sector unions and launched Gov. Scott Walker as a national conservative star may be most remembered years from now for bringing those fissures into high relief.

A collection of Wisconsin State Journal front pages during the historic Capitol protests of February and March 2011. Gov. Scott Walker's plan to curb nearly all collective bargaining rights for most public workers drew record-size crowds to Madison.


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