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Capitol Police are investigating threatening language posted on social media about shooting up the school, church and home of a state lawmaker who supports gun rights.

The comment was made on the Facebook page of a critic of Rep. Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake, by another person.

The critic, Rodney Krogstad, an 82-year-old retired Air Force veteran and school maintenance supervisor for the St. Croix School District, criticized Jarchow on Twitter last week for his support of guns, calling him a “champion of guns and gunk.”

Jarchow responded: “You betcha. Love my AR-15.”

Krogstad posted a screen shot of that exchange on his Facebook page, which elicited a response with the threatening language from Garry Fay, a rental property manager from Houlton.

“Is he saying he wants us to visit his children’s school with AR 15s and lots of magazines to shoot off a few rounds to prove we love the 2nd amendment as much as he does?” Fay wrote. “Then we should shoot up his church and home and finally go gonzo on Congress itself?”

Jarchow aide Mitch Sands said he saw the post and showed it to Jarchow, who suggested it be forwarded to Capitol Police.

Department of Administration spokesman Steve Michels said Capitol Police have “responded to Rep. Jarchow’s request and the threat is being investigated.”

Fay didn’t respond to a request for comment.


Matthew DeFour covers state government and politics for the Wisconsin State Journal.