Rebecca Kleefisch

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

GREGORY SHAVER - Racine Journal Times

Volunteers hope to recall Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch as well as Gov. Scott Walker.

The two were elected on the same ticket, but in the recall realm, they are distinct entities. Separate petitions must be circulated against them. That's led to some interesting conversations.

"Most people know nothing about her," said volunteer Al Guyant of Sun Prairie. "They ask, "Who's she?'"

On Wednesday night, volunteer Matthew Mita of McFarland approached a pedestrian on the Capitol Square. The woman, Camilla Johnson, 23, of Madison, signed a petition against Walker but said she knew little about Kleefisch.

"They don't let her talk much, but she's like Michele Bachmann," said Mita, referring to the Republican presidential candidate. "Her politics are even more extreme than Walker's."

Johnson signed the Kleefisch petition.

Steven Potter, a communications assistant with the state Democratic Party, said recall organizers are not releasing signature totals for Kleefisch at this time and did not give a reason. He said her totals are "not far behind" Walker's.

Some recall volunteers say they've had a smattering of people sign Walker's petition but not Kleefisch's. The most common reason given is that they don't know her well enough to be against her.