John Doe documents set for Friday release

2014-08-07T20:00:00Z John Doe documents set for Friday releaseMARY SPICUZZA,

A mountain of documents seized as part of a now-closed secret investigation into aides and associates of Gov. Scott Walker while he was Milwaukee County executive is set to be released Friday.

The Milwaukee County Executive’s Office announced late Thursday that 14 gigabytes of data would be released. That’s just a small portion of the material seized as part of the John Doe probe.

Brendan Conway, a spokesman for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, said records being released are not emails, but documents saved on county employees’ work computers, such as spreadsheets and other documents.

Six Walker aides and associates were convicted as a result of that investigation, including two for campaigning on taxpayer time.

A second John Doe investigation, which was triggered by the first, is focused on alleged illegal coordination by conservative groups and Walker’s 2012 recall campaign. It was halted by a federal judge earlier this year, but that ruling is under appeal. More documents linked to the second probe could be released soon.

Prosecutors and conservatives facing investigation told U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa in documents filed Thursday that they could not agree about how many records should be unsealed. They asked Randa to consider waiting to take action on unsealing documents until after a federal appeals court issues a ruling following an appeal from media groups.

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