FOND DU LAC — Two years ago, the Fond du Lac School District unveiled new guidelines requiring administrative review and approval before the publication of any student media. The reaction by students was swift, democratic and effective.

One of the sad consequences of the westward settlement of the U.S. was the near eradication of the grizzly bear. Once an iconic symbol of the American wild, the hulking brown bears were hunted, trapped and deemed fearsome, dangerous predators.

A series of deplorable acts at the UW-Madison this semester has caused great pain to members of our campus community, particularly students of color, and made clear we need to redouble efforts to make sure all feel welcome on our campus.

I have managed a successful and rewarding construction business in the Madison area for over 30 years. I am now considering retirement and working to provide a responsible and smooth succession for TDS Custom Construction, my business.

Of all the consequences of the nation’s decades-long infatuation with building more and more prisons and locking up more and more citizens, perhaps the most curious is this: More than 4 million Americans who have been released from prison have lost their right to vote, according to the nonpr…


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